The Inside Info:

With the rise of each new generation, marketers need to change their strategy, finding new and appropriate ways of talking to the particular demographic group that dominates the market.

Last century, the Baby Boomers arrived on the scene and exhibited a compulsive obsession with work and wealth. Then we saw Generation X, with their rebellious sense of individuality and the adoption of the PC. Now we have Millennials – the children of Baby Boomers – and as they enter into adulthood, they are bringing with them a new set of attributes that need to be addressed by marketers.

The Millennial generation is set to be the largest generation to have ever existed, and it has been said that by 2017, Millennials will be spending more than $200 billion in total per year.

In this whitepaper, we acknowledge that the Millennial generation are all grown up now, and are active in the workplace, and as they quickly move up the proverbial ladder, it’s becoming increasingly important to acknowledge that they are no longer a generation to be ignored…

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