The Overview:

Influencer marketing is an age-old marketing technique. It’s a wonderful way to drive deep brand connection with customers. And a widely used marketing tool that, with the invention of social media, has been completely reinvented.

This reinvention has meant that there are more influencers in the market, more people who have influence over both large and niche audiences. It has also meant that data can be used to show a return on investment, and the quality of each influencer. There is less guesswork through data, but more complexity with the myriad of bloggers, Instagrammers, Twitter celebrities and LinkedIn thought leaders…

In this whitepaper, we explore influence, what it is, and how it works – as well as who and what actually has the power to spread conversation, change behaviours, and build brand leadership. We have used dedicated data resources to learn three key aspects of influencer marketing:

  1. Finding the right influencers
  2. Nurturing your relationship with them
  3. Measuring the success of the influencers brand content.

Download Nurturing Influence