On the off chance that you’ve been spelunking in a cave for the past two years, here’s what you’ve missed: Justin Bieber, the FIFA World Cup, a few other world events, and Foursquare!

Foursquare’s a mobile application that lets your friends know where you are, and let’s you know where they are. It may sound like Stalkers R Us, but it’s actually a really neat way to touch base with people.

While you’re going about your everyday business, you visit lots of places, frequent a few coffee shops, play hooky when you’re meant to be at work…and you might as well make a game of it!

On Foursquare, you can check in at nearby places
When you click on a place, you can see who the Mayor is, who else is there, tips left by others, the Google Map location, and more.

Just go about your business as usual

Foursquare puts the fun into doing your groceries or going to the dentist (ok, maybe fun at the dentist’s is a stretch)… Basically, every time you go somewhere, your phone’s GPS picks up on where you are. You click on “Places” and Foursquare will show you a list of nearby venues.

You can click on “check in here” at bars, restaurants, shops, hotels, and tons of other public places, and collect points, badges and mayorships as you go.

Whoaaa, slow down there, you say? Points? Badges? Mayorships? All in good time…

How it works

On Foursquare, you have friends just like in Facebook – you can even find your Foursquare friends through Facebook and Twitter. And when you check in to a venue, Foursquare can share your whereabouts and two cents (photos, tips, or comments) with your Facebook and Twitter communities.

When you open the app, you can see where all of your friends are, or where all of the people who you want to keep track of are (you stalker…just kidding) based on the last place they checked into.

Every time you check in somewhere, you can see who else on Foursquare is there, and you earn points which move you up on the scoreboard. You can see where all your friends stand on the leaderboard, and try your best to outscore them by getting out a little more.

Every venue has a mayor – not based on your actual leadership potential, but just the number of times you’ve been there. So you can steal mayorships left, right, and all over if you’re a social butterfly. And if you end up achieving 10 mayorships, you earn the right to put Super Mayor on your CV!

You can earn badges for check ins within foursquare
You can earn badges in Foursquare based on the number of check ins and where.

At each place you go, you can leave tips like “Don’t drink the kool-aid” or “`Try the fajitas”. And based on all of your check in’s, you can earn different badges for different achievements. Nothing makes your parents proud like earning the Bender badge for checking in to the same bar 4 nights in a row…

And here’s the kicker

The added bonus with Foursquare is that you can use it to find interesting places nearby if you don’t know the area – Foursquare connects to Google Maps, so you can easily find your way to where you want to be.

You can also add places onto your To Do list, and meet up with friends who pop up coincidentally nearby.

Fun and games aside, Foursquare has taken location-based social networking to the next level. So what are you waiting for? Get your head in the game!