Is Obama thinking web 3.0? Are creating the connection?

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Looking at the current Top websites visited in South Africa I was just blown away again while watching the Q&A session with Barack Obama at Facebook HQ.

Looking at the current top websites visited in South Africa, I was just blown away again while watching the Q&A session with Barack Obama at Facebook HQ.

Every time I watch a webinar or an interview like this i just realise once again how technology has taken the world by storm. Even Obama cited Facebook in his January State of the Union speech as an example of innovative US companies that can help the world’s richest country overcome its dreary present economic circumstances and “win the future” – according to a News 24 article.

Sitting in my study last night watching this Q&A session via Facebook Live it gave me a feeling of almost being there myself. The experience they created for people watching to “like”, comment and share made it very exciting to be part of.

What really tickled my fancy was the fact that I, as someone watching from my own study, could be part of the conversation. What Facebook did is they included an “ASK A QUESTION” button where you could click as ask your question to President Obama. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, then selected questions from the Live streaming audience to read out and for Obama to answer.

I found this very engaging as well as a very clever way to keep me tuned. Even though the discussion and questions were based on the USA economy such as Debt reduction and Housing issues the country has. It provided me with an opportunity of possibly asking a question should something come up that has relevance to me, my country and the world i am interested in.

Is this the real start of web 3.0? Yes, we all know about it but are we now starting to see the real impact and roll out of it? I mean, isn’t this systematic system of web 3.0 all about convenience? In the comfort of my own home being part of a political conversation and being able to engage? We have all seen that happen with the Social Media revolution in Egypt! And if we just listen to the rumours about Obama planning his re-ellection campaign once again using Social Networks. It means he gives information, opportunity for engagement and creates a connection opportunity with people in the comfort of their own space no matter where they are.

How would you use this in Business then? If we look at a company like Toyota Motor Corporation who in 2010 employed an estimate of 317 734 people worldwide, it is impossible to be able to connect with every staff member in real time. So how do you do that? Can this type of platform not be used to create that sense of trust and care with your employees. Use a Social Network platform to connect with your employees and give them the opportunity to ask the questions they will never be able to ask you face-to-face. Why not do a live Q&A session with your company’s CEO? Let the employees ask the questions and let the CEO answer them – and create that connection.

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