Your Home Page is killing your business!

The internet is littered with terrible home pages. Beautiful flash based web pages that are too beautiful to actually achieve anything. Just like a dumb blonde sitting in a law firm, nice to look at but good luck if you decide to take her on as a defense attorney.

Now that sounds pretty harsh, even insensitive, but the fact is that its true. We need to start realising that a Home Page is not meant to be a pretty place that wow’s our website visitors. Instead your home page should be an attractive workhorse that brings in tons of business whilst still looking good.

Your home page should resemble a beautiful race horse instead of a dumb blonde. The race horse is attractive because it shows its power and prestige in that fact that it is clearly built for racing.

So what is your business clearly made for. What are you good at? What makes you excited to be at work? What floats your boat?

Put that on your Home Page and make it clear that people could buy that product, service or brand from you. Then you should start to achieve great business off a beautiful stallion of a website.

To help you lay your home page out, check out the infographic below. Otherwise why not contact us and we could design a website that actually delivers on creating business and still looks beautiful.

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