Adding a YouTube Video to your WordPress Blog

To quickly embed a YouTube video:

Youtube URL



Copy the video’s URL from your web browser’s address bar while viewing the video:

And paste it on a line by itself in your post/page editor:

youtube editor


To embed with a Shortcode:

You can use this option and create shortcode if you would like to customize the video’s size and settings.

Youtube URL This is done by copying the video URL.


Go to the post or page that you would like to add the video to and paste the URL by itself on a line. Create the shortcode using the format below:


*Make sure that you replace the URL example here with the URL or video ID of your video.

Video Customization Options:

You have various customization options to choose from when inserting a YouTube video into your post or page:

  • Change the width and height of the video by adding &w=... or &w=...& your shortcode. For example:
  • Disable “Related Videos” by adding &rel=0.
    For example:[youtube=]
  • Turn on the “YouTube Search Box” by adding &showsearch=1.
    For example: [youtube=]
  • To specify the width only:

To embed a video into a post or page’s comments box:

Simply grab the URL of any YouTube video and paste it directly into your comment:

youtube comments

Once your comment has been approved and posted, you will be able to see and watch the YouTube video directly from there.

Please note the following:

If you are unable to see your embedded YouTube video on your page or post then make sure that the YouTube link is not hyperlinked. The URL will be in blue (see image below) if it is hyperlinked. To unlink it, simply highlight the whole URL and click the “Unlink” icon on your Visual Editor toolbar. The URL text will  then appear black once it is unlinked.

unlink youtube


Watch the “Embedding YouTube videos into your posts” video from

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