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Global Family Business [infographic]

on 03.05.2012 by Mike Saunders BLOG

family business is a business in which one or more members of one or more families have a significant ownership interest and significant commitments toward the business’ overall well-being.

In some countries, many of the largest publicly listed firms are family-owned. A firm is said to be family-owned if a person is the controlling shareholder; that is, a person (rather than a state, corporation, management trust, or mutual fund) can garner enough shares to assure at least 20% of the voting rights and the highest percentage of voting rights in comparison to other shareholders.[1]
Some of the world’s largest family-run-businesses are Walmart (United States), Samsung Group (Korea), Tata Group (India) and Foxconn (Taiwan).

We have just finished designing the infographic below to create awareness of the impact and value of family business in todays world.

Family Business


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