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Digitlab was fortunate enough to have Simon Headley, a Grade 11 student from Kloof High School, come and experience what it would be like to work at Digitlab’s offices for a couple days.

Digitlab was fortunate enough to have Simon Headley, a Grade 11 student from Kloof High School, come and experience what it would be like to work at Digitlab’s offices for a couple days. This is what he had to say:

Work Experience is a project that has been assigned to me by my Life Orientation teacher at Kloof High School, and for the past four days I have been completing it with Digitlab. I was required to spend four days doing a job (not for money, sadly), wherein I could try out either the job I would like to eventually do; or a job similar. It allows me to get insight into what the job is like and to decide whether I want to continue pursuing a job in this career field.

Working at Digitlab

When I first arrived things were shaky – I had no idea what I was going to do for the week and didn’t really understand what Digitlab actually did! It all started making sense as the day went by and Natasha explained what they do at Digitlab; how they do it; and how it effects their clients. I then started realising that working really wasn’t so bad! The working hours were probably the hardest thing to grasp – coming from school which goes from 07:30-14:35 every day, to working 08:00-16:00! The people here at DigitLab however, made things a little easier than I had imagined!

I had originally anticipated spending eight long hours at work not doing much because I was here temporarily and if I messed up something it could mess up Digitlab’s reputation – and the reputation of the company that they were working with. Instead, I was greeted with using websites like Facebook, Twitter and testing out websites that Digitlab was in control of. It was a lot of fun – a lot more fun than I had anticipated! Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t spend my entire day sitting on FaceBook, reading other people’s FaceBook updates – I spent lots of hours learning new things! I found the greatest learning experience was when Darren tasked me with learning some HTML coding. At first, I was a bit apprehensive because my brother had always made me feel like HTML was ‘below’ JAVA (which is what I’m currently learning at school in my I.T lessons), but as I went through the online lessons I found that it was actually quite fun to write HTML.

I also realized that at Digitlab you don’t just sit on FaceBook and Twitter reading and commenting on posts – I realized that it’s far more than that! You get involved in designing the websites for the clients, creating their FaceBook pages and maintaining and promoting their company using social media websites. Who would have thought that FaceBook could be a whole lot more than just updating your status and sharing photos for your friends to see? I certainly didn’t – until I started “working” at Digitlab.

My Perfect Job

My idea for “My Perfect Job” is working at a company which requires me to write code for them – designing games, programs, and websites or maybe maintaining databases. Working at Digitlab has been a great eye opener to what you can actually do in the I.T. field and the experience has opened my eyes to the many new job opportunities that I can get involved in through using social media and other online features – as long as I’m willing to work! I have realized that I.T. is a lot more than sitting behind a computer all day writing funny words which the average human-being won’t understand, but that eventually ends up as something that everyone can use and understand! It gives you the ability to contact and connect people around the world.

In my four days at Digitlab, I learnt a lot – far more than I thought I would! I know now that when I inevitably start looking for a job, I won’t be limited by looking only at small programming firms to start off in as there’s so much more out there where I can use my I.T skills and interests – and still become successful! Digitlab has been a great learning experience and if you ever feel like you want to do something in I.T. and don’t know what exactly, I recommend contacting Digitlab and asking to do some Work Experience!”

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