Digitlab takes to the Cloud with Fat Budgie

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DigitLab is excited to welcome our newest client, Fat Budgie.

Digitlab is excited to welcome our newest client, Fat Budgie, one of South Africa’s leading providers of Cloud PBX and VoIP solutions, to the Digitlab ‘flock’!

It’s exciting to be partnering with a company that loves the Cloud as much as we do. Fat Budgie eliminates the clunky old PBX equipment in the server room – saving space, time, resources, insurance and effort – by leveraging state-of-the-art technology to take telecommunications to the Cloud.

The South African telecoms industry is an exciting place to be right now, with technology paving the way for simple solutions that lighten business’ financial burden.

Fat Budgie’s Voice over IP based service is a simple add-on to most business telephone systems with no installation cost, no hardware costs, per second billing, and month-to-month contracts.

Cloud PBX and business telephony

Digitlab will be working closely with the Fat Budgie team to strategically market the brand in the South African online market.

With many SMEs overpaying on their business phone bill by as much as 40%, Digitlab has been presented with the fantastic opportunity of helping Fat Budgie reach a wider audience of connected customers who can benefit from Fat Budgie’s services.

If there’s one thing we understand as a social media and digital marketing agency, it’s the benefits of a virtual office with contact points that aren’t geographically bound. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, our team definitely appreciates the flexibility of working from anywhere you can find a connection. We believe Cloud PBX is the future of telephony.

Your phone is ringing; it’s a call for you – from the Cloud.

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