Moms: A New Generation of Social Consumers

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When it comes to social consumers, moms are the unexpected majority.

When it comes to social consumers, moms are the unexpected majority.

Active on social media, moms are the ultimate in brand recommendations. You may ignore your own mother’s advice, but when it comes to purchase decisions, 59% of moms are more likely to buy something because another mom recommended the product or service on a parenting site, or if a brand posted a coupon or other offer on a social network. That’s according to BabyCenter’s 2013 Social Mom Report, which, although US-based, has some interesting points to consider for the South African market. You’ve no doubt received a Facebook friend request from your mother – if you were hoping to ignore it in the hopes she might go away, think again. Social moms are here to stay. They’re avid social consumers – eagerly sharing experiences with services, products, and brands; and trusting posts from other moms 55% more than posts from a brand. Talk about social influence!

Mothers on mobile

Social, mobile mothers are the new norm – smartphones have changed the way they socialise, share, and shop. Moms are increasingly accessing the Internet via smartphones, with 89% of moms accessing Facebook on their mobile phones in the US. Although the stats differ from day to day, and report to report, there’s no question that moms spend the majority of their online time on Facebook, followed closely by Pinterest, the new kid on the social block. Moms rely on Pinterest to help find ideas on what groceries to buy (75% of moms), ideas for home décor (59%), travel ideas (27%), and clothing choices (24%). The vast majority of modern-day moms are using smartphones or tablets to shop, either using retailer apps or deal site apps, or while shopping. Says Scott Bonneau on BazaarVoice:

To reach on-the-go mothers, it’s essential for brands to build a robust and helpful mobile presence. Outside of the branded app, consider partnering with popular shopping apps to reach more moms on more devices.”

The savvy mom-sumer

For a great overview, check out this infographic…

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