#JOMO is the new #FOMO in 2014

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Step aside #FOMO, #JOMO is here!

#FOMO, the popular hashtag that expresses a persons Fear Of Missing Out, has been a major trend among internet users over the last year. In 2014 we see the introduction of #JOMO.

Joy of missing out!

The movement celebrates the moment you’re in instead of wishing that you were somewhere else. It highlights that sometimes it’s okay to miss out on what others are doing to spend time with loved ones at home, use a free evening to catch up with yourself, or read a book or watch your favourite film without tweeting about it. As social networks become more mainstream, people are beginning to feel that life beyond the networks  and social networks needs to find its right place again in people’s lives.

This speaks to a universal consumer trend known as “mindful living” where consumers are looking to take control of their own lives by thinking through the actions they make on a day to day basis. They will re-evaluate their carbon footprint, reorganise their time to spend more on the activities they love, prioritise healthy living, and try to break bad habits. Examples include Cody Romano, a mobile app developer who created an app that shuts you out of Facebook for a predetermined period of time. Honda released an app that removes your smartphone keyboard so that people can’t send texts when driving. There are also apps that reward your Yoga Habits and your dedication to Vitamins.  There are many other non-digital innovations that are helping people take back control, including one of my favourites: time locked containers to resist the temptation to eat those lovely but unhealthy treats.

I recently spent some time reorganising the technology in my life so that social media and emails couldn’t find me everywhere. I was desperate to disconnect myself from the world of instant messaging to retreat to my home as I caught up on reading, family, friends and sleep. It’s been an interesting experiment and one that has added much value to my life.

So what does this mean for marketers? Is social media losing its edge? I don’t think so – I think social media is finding its place and people are realising its value in their lives. People still love to connect, but they are getting tired of mindlessly staring at Facebook and Twitter feeds as they pass time. This means social media marketers will need to start presenting more than just fun content. They will need to look at providing meaningful, useful conversation that appeals to the hearts and desires of their customers.

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