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Mike Saunders unpacks the true goal you should be aiming at with your online strategy – relationship with your customers.

“Competitive Edge comes out of your relationships with your customers and not out of the content that you place on the platform,” says Saunders. He maintains that Brands aren’t aware enough of this and are missing the real opportunity that Social Media platforms provide. As an example he refers to the notion of creating a viral campaign using a piece of powerful content that is being shared, engaged with and repurposed – but then what? “We’ve connected, we’ve introduced ourselves to all of these people, we’ve met some emotional need of theirs or found a way for them to be interested in us – but then there is no connection and brands have no idea who they have touched or made an impact on,” explains Saunders.

The real social media opportunity for brands is to find out who the people they are engaging really are, and how they can go about building a relationship with them. Social Media Strategists need to focus on using content as a tool for building relationships, as opposed to an opportunity for a viral campaign, says Saunders. 

Quarterly reviews are creating shortsighted brands…

Relationships with your engaged consumers can be cultivated in a number of ways. While the first stop for many is a call-to-action, CTA’s often don’t connect with people. Inviting people to become a part of community instead, is far more … well, inviting … and the consumer will be more inclined to follow through. The Quarterly Report Back culture often results in brands being too quick to push for the sale and Saunders encourages brands to begin looking at the longer-term benefit of strong brand-consumer relationships.

The power of remarketing tools…

Saunders refers to Google Remarketing as a powerful tool to begin building the consumer relationship. “If I can just get someone to visit my website, then I market to those people who are already interested in what I am doing. If I then find the right campaign that speaks to the hearts of those people, I can really start to draw them in,’ explain Saunders. In closing Saunders says that there a many remarketing technologies available but “…the trick is balancing content with the right technologies and call to actions to bring brands the next step closer to their customer.”

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