At the ITweb Social Media Summit Mike Saunders of DigitLab discussed the necessity of content curators in a world that is being flooded by data… 

“Decisions are harder when we have more choice. That is the simplest consumer insight available to mankind,” says Saunders. He continues that, as the world is flooded with choice, humankind is simultaneously flooded with indecision. As an example, Saunders describes how the search term ‘black dress’, produces over 4000 results on alone – creating a choice that is virtually impossible to make.

How to cure buyer indecision created by information overload

The solution to the problem of being ‘spoilt for choice’ is having someone to make the decisions for us. The world needs people to go out and do the research and decide what other people will love, should love or might love and then curate that into a commerced environment says Saunders. An example of this concept in action is who carefully watch what products are trending on the likes of instagram. They then source the various products on estores around the web and create a common link between the product and supplier. In other words –“…they are using social data to fine tune what is really valuable to people and then are selling that into products and creating connecting points for the retailers to meet the consumers …,” explains Saunders.

Content Curation as a Product Sales Model for retailers

Retail brands haven’t necessarily thought of the curator commerce trend as a business model ….yet…BUT, they have thought of it as a product sales model. ‘Get the look of this celebrity by buying these products in our store’ is used by various retailers and is as far as curated commerce has gone in retail – for the moment. Which is why Saunders feels that there is significant opportunity for retailers to successfully sell product in a more engaging way by kicking curation up a notch.

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