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How to be an innovative retailer

Our CEO Mike Saunders recently shared some insights with SME South Africa on how to make your retail company more innovative so as to stay relevant and ahead of your competition.

The challenge to retailers is this: in today’s media-saturated and highly digitised world consumers are more spoiled for choice than ever before, so much so that indecision is rife. Consumers are simply overwhelmed by the sheer volume of content and products available to them. So how do you make your brand stand out in the crowd and ensure sales?

Mike argues that two things are needed:

  1. Curate content for the consumer, breaking it up into easily digestible bites
  2. Make the online shopping process attractive, logical, seamless and easy

In a world of infinite choice, success will belong to those companies that can best recommend the right product, to the right person, at the right time.

To have these ideas explained in more detail, read the article here. 

Creating a ‘shoppable’ magazine

The introduction of e-commerce has transformed the publishing and marketing worlds. It has made interactive or ‘shoppable’ magazines possible, and they are now a popular trend in retail because they merge the previously discrete steps of advertising and purchasing into one. A user can now see a product in an online mag and right then and there click on it to make the purchase.

This is a super exciting development for retailers. With traditional print magazines there is delayed gratification for the retailer (an individual still has to go in store at a later date to buy the selected item) or none at all (the consumer might well be interested in the item but never get to the store because they forget about it / their longing for it cools / the busyness of life gets in the way of them making the trip to the store / etc.). Shoppable mags enable consumers to buy products in the moment of desire, meaning retailers are far more likely to make a sale – and an immediate one at that.

Read more about such things in Mike’s article Bringing emotion back to e-commerce with curated commerce.

Understanding omnichannel marketing

‘Omnichannel’ is a big buzzword in the digital world of late and refers to the utilisation by an organisation or firm of multiple online platforms. So instead of just having a website – a big step for many companies in the not-too-distant past – companies are now being encouraged to set up various social media accounts, promote and respond to online reviews, create mobile phone apps, and more.

While this is a worthy trend, unfortunately not everyone has fully grasped the difference between ‘showing up’ on multiple online channels and actually having a clear understanding of how best to use these various channels.

Enter Mike. Once again he has put pen to paper – this time writing for BizCommunity – in a bid to explain the importance of approaching ‘omnichannelism’ with a clear strategy in mind. Because it’s not about becoming a slave to this new approach so that you can tick some boxes that supposedly guarantee success, rather it’s about embracing the omnichannel approach in the manner and to the degree that will work best for you and your company.

Read the full article here. 

Game appoints DigitLab for the win!

It’s official – powerhouse retail brand Game has entrusted us with their online marketing campaign, making DigitLab their primary digital agency. We can’t wait to move, shake, get the ball rolling, and engage in a dozen other energetic metaphors on their behalf!

Simone Bresser, Digital Marketing Manager at Game RSA, explained the decision by saying: “Game South Africa selected DigitLab to partner with us in helping us grow our social media presence for a number of reasons. DigitLab’s experience across various business sectors meant that we would enjoy the benefits of “best practice” from a variety of industries. The passionate team who look after our account have quickly managed to understand our brand and our business needs, helping us adapt and grow in a fast-paced digital environment.

Mike responded to the good news thusly: “We are very excited to work with Game and are looking forward to adding real value to their bottom line through social and digital media experiences.”

For more about our partnership with Game, read this.

We scoop two awards

Whoop whoop – DigitLab recently won two prestigious digital awards and needless to say we are over (and still circling) the moon because of it!

What were these awards?

  1. Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to Social Media

This award was given to Mike earlier this month at the New Generation Social & Digital Media Awards, held at the Sandton Convention Centre, for his entrepreneurial, digital and thought leadership activities.

Well done, Mike, you make us proud!

  1. Bronze award for Best Corporate Website

This award was a joint one for DigitLab and The International Hotel School (IHS), one of our long-standing clients. We recently created a new website for IHS, and it was this effort that scored a New Generation award.

Ruth Paulsen, Sales and Marketing Manager for IHS, had this to say on the matter: “We are very proud of the digital strategy and work that DigitLab does for us and in particular the new website. It has the right balance of functionality as well as aesthetic appeal. Since its launch in July the number of enquiries from the site and the number of online applications has increased substantially.”

Go team!

Upcoming Durban Digital Day

The next Durban Digital Day will be held on 4 November, registration starting at 8am. Mike Will be kicking off the proceedings at 9am, so be sure to be there to hear him speak, and come prepared with any questions you might have.

Steve Gardner, our Chief Technology Officer, will be claiming an afternoon slot with the mic. Steve speaks with great insight and passion about his field, and it will be a treat to hear his most recent insights on the industry and its future trajectory. Don’t miss out!

Want to know more about DigitLab – what we do, how we work, how we like our coffee? Browse our website or give us a shout. We’d love to chat.

Instagram Round Up

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