Millennial Moms a powerful niche market

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Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996.

Millennials are the generation born between 1981 and 1996, so it refers to those of us presently aged between 18 and 33. Speaking as a millennial, we are clearly a wildly diverse group, sometimes seemingly held together by nothing more than our age bracket. Yet there are discernible trends to each generation, which are useful in research and analysis. One prominent example of our ‘millennialism’ is our easy adoption and use of new technologies.

To help make the analysis of the millennial generation even more relevant and useful, social scientists have divided the generation up into several sub-groups. One of the most specific of these sub-groups is Millennial Moms.

Millennial Moms like to do it their own way

We Millennial Moms are very different from our own Baby Boomer mothers. While we may have picked up the optimism of our moms, we are less accepting of hand-me-down parenting wisdom and ways than they were in their day. Forbes magazine says this about us: “[they are] raising their children in their own unique way, picking and choosing what’s best, taking advice and making it their own.”

The online world of Millennial Moms

One very clear differentiator between us Millennial Moms and all the moms that have come before is our use of the internet, smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices, and social media. We are pretty much always online – that is to say, we’re always connected via our mobile phones, and we check our social media channels several times a day.

Technology plays an important part in making our lives easier. We Whatsapp our spouse to confirm who’s fetching the kids from school, we Google any question that pops into our heads, and we survey our friends on Facebook to find out where one can buy the best child development toys. With all this information and help at our fingertips – and the knowledge, importantly, of how to access and use it – we save on time, petrol, bad purchases, frustration, and more.

Social media is our lifeline

We Millennial Moms like to be as involved in our children’s lives as possible, as often modelled for us by our own moms. If we have to work, then we want – nay, need – whoever is babysitting the kids to send us regular photo updates and message us descriptions of cute things done and said.

If we stay at home with the kids, then we need social media just as much: we need to know what it happening out there in the world, to connect with other moms and adults and have a little escape from nappies and so on. Social media facilitates all of this, from Facebook and Twitter to Pinterest and Instagram.

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram are arguably our favourite social channels, speaking to our needs of socialising, planning, staying in touch, and inspiration. Because we’re women, relationships are of paramount importance, and that is why Facebook is our stomping ground, keeping us in touch with friends and family, allowing us to share photos of and anecdotes from our kids. Pinterest allows us to gather fun kiddie party ideas, find recipes, and plan our dream home interiors. Instagram is where we share precious moments (made even more precious through nostalgic or arty filters).

Blogging and health tracking

The mom blogger has proliferated this century. We blog as a personal outlet, updating family members and friends, we blog to share parenting tips and the like, and some of us have taken to blogging as a business venture, writing on antenatal, nutrition and other topics.

While it’s not as common as social media, many of us Millennial Moms use health tracking apps, especially if we are new parents. These apps allow us to input details like our child’s weight, vaccinations, sleeping patterns, heart rate, and so on. There are also other apps that enable us to track the movements of our older kids.

Millennial Moms introduce children to technology

Having been surrounded their whole lives by smart-this and i-that, our kids know how to use technology the same way they know how to open a cupboard or go potty. We’ve all seen the 2-year-old who opens up an iPad and settles down to find his or her favourite game, and the 10-year-old explaining to parents how to use some new software.

All of this points to the fact that we are one powerful niche market! We surround our kids with tech toys and they roll with them, so what marketers sell to us, they effectively sell to our kids too. Moreover, what we approve on social media and share gains strong traction because our moms-based social networks are strong and vibrant. Understanding the Millennial Mom is therefore useful to many groups, including ourselves.

Marketers, stand up and take note. Moms for the win!

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