It’s that time of year again, and the internet gets into that festive spirit just as much as anyone else.

So whether you are looking for ways to enjoy the season yourself, or if you want to find fun and festive features for that tech-savvy kid in your life – we’ve found the perfect ways for you to digitally enhance your holidays this year.

Get a personalised video from Santa himself

You could do this for kids, or you could get your own video from Santa….whatever floats your boat, we won’t judge. Simply go to the desktop version, or find the mobile app in your App Store. A cool feature of this site is that, along with making personalised videos, you can also get Santa to call your loved one – confirming for them once and for all that he IS real.

Craft your way through Christmas

Looking for gift ideas? Homemade decoration tutorials or yummy festive season recipes? The North Pole has everything you need and more. This is a great site for teachers, parents or children, featuring different login portals for everyone. Adults – just get past the very young looking design and you will actually find a lot of great festive season ideas.

Track Santa’s progress

A great tradition to start on Christmas Eve is to use technology to allow kids to “track Santa” as he makes his journey around the world. Norad Tracks Santa is a great site brought to you by the North American Aerospace Defense Command. NORAD started tracking Santa after receiving a phone call from a little girl in 1955, following instructions from a flyer claiming she could track Santa’s progress by phoning the number provided. Of course the number was obviously misprinted, but instead of NORAD putting her straight, the Colonel on duty that night, Colonel Harry Shoup, now known as the “Santa Colonel”, got the operators to find Santa’s position and relayed it back to her.

Since that night, every Christmas Eve volunteers man the phones and computers to field all calls and emails from little souls wanting to know how far along Santa was in his journey. The stats so far is that the website itself receives almost 9 000 000 unique visitors from over 200 countries each year, and volunteers respond to a whopping 12 000 plus emails and more than 70 000 calls. The service has also recently incorporated Santa tracking across all major social networks – so track that jolly old man in the way most convenient for you!

Festi-fy your photographs

Let’s face it, since we live in a hot climate, we need a little help to get that “winter wonderland” look to our pictures – enter the festive season photo apps. Search through your App Store and find the perfect app for you. You can either go for simple apps that add Christmas themed frames to your images, or ones that add cartoon features, the options are almost endless and just depend on how festive you want to go. Last Christmas I downloaded an app called White Christmas and just lots of fun adding falling snow to all of my otherwise sunny pictures during the season.

Have an Appy Holiday

After talking about festive photo apps, we can’t ignore all the other great Christmas apps out there! Apple users get a great all-in-one app called Christmas!! That includes everything from an advent calendar, to gift ideas, to interactive games. Get that on your iPad or iPhone and you’ll be able to entertain any kids you look after during the festive season.

An awesome Android app is Christmas Tree Live Wallpaper, removing the need to have a tree in real life (though probably not). Browse away and see what else you can find, the games alone will be worth it.

So if you thought you could only be festive IRL, think again! Go forth and fill your digital world with merriment this year as well.