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Digitlab #Workfamily Holiday Survival Tips

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Let’s get real for a second here – as great as the holidays and the festive season are, spending that much time overindulging, and with family in close quarters, can be a tiny bit taxing in the end.

Let’s get real for a second here – as great as the holidays and the festive season are, spending that much time overindulging, and with family in close quarters, can be a tiny bit taxing in the end.

That’s why we’ve decided to pool our collective wisdom for the greater good, and bring you a comprehensive list of tips to make sure that any holiday scenario turns into a memory for the photo album, and not a horror story.

Tip #1 – From our Senior Developer, Nick

“Lay low and wait for it to blow over.”

We thought we would start off on a practical, albeit negative note…

Tip #2 through to Tip #6 – From Online Community Manager Phil

“Go to the shops at night. Most malls stay open till 10, you won’t beat the rush but you’ll have aisles to yourself.”

“Don’t drink and drive, the cops are hella mad.”

“Remember to buy extra rolls for Christmas. You can never have too many turkey rolls for the post-Christmas week long leftovers.”

“Make sure you have enough containers for all the Christmas leftovers, otherwise they’ll be going in the bin.”


Thanks Phil. You’re always a fountain of wisdom…

Tips for those wanting to indulge in the “occasional” celebratory drink:

“Turkey first. Beer later.” – Kyle Singh, Online Community Manager

“Always wear comfortable shoes when drinking. For every drink you buy, add a R10 to the January survival jar.” – Reagan Gasa, Digital Analyst

(Nice one Ray)

“If you have had too much to drink on Christmas day – a Corenza C before you go to bed – works wonders!” – Vicky Meagher, Client Director

“Take your glass bottles for recycling at least once a week. Otherwise (with all the increased celebratory drinks you’ll be having) at the end of the festive season your neighbours will think you have a drinking problem…” – Meegan Rourke-McGill, Head of Research

(Someone’s done their research…)

As for all that present shopping that has to happen…

“Do all your shopping online now while there are loads of sales and specials. If you’re lucky, you might never have to step into a physical store!” – Meegan

“I try to get all shopping done at the start of December to avoid the Christmas rush.” – Sasheena Pillay, Bookkeeper

“Tackle your Christmas shopping before you go on leave! Have them wrapped and ready under the tree, so you can truly enjoy your time off.” – Jenna Bowden, Lead Designer

“Do Christmas shopping early. Not on the 24th.” – Nikolai Lombaard, Web Developer

“Be sure to get yourself one of those sticky tape dispensers!” – Megan White, Technical Copywriter

Not forgetting to actually enjoy your holidays:

“Find the people you love – go there!” – Mike Saunders, CEO

“There’s no way I would get through the holidays without sun, swimming, road trips with my husband and wine…lots of wine!” – Tamlyn Dennekamp, Executive Assistant

“Unlimited supply of beer & no cell phone charger, Tongs for meat, board shorts.” – Jesse Bosch, Business Development Director

“Use SPF 50 before spending a full day at the Beach.” – Kiley Scully, Traffic Manager

As for the food…oh the food…

“Start your new year exercise regime in December, to help you kick start the New Year and avoid extra lard build up from your December eat-a-thon!” – Jenna

“Mass-eating is going to happen!! Make the most of it. By January we’ll all be starting our new ‘diets’ so let’s eat while we can!

To make sure you get as much food in as possible, eat lots of little things often; namely Christmas cookies (in my house that’s peanut butter cookies), chocolates of all shapes and sizes (advent calendar choccies included), and anything else!

Between meals… Stretch: I choose star jumps. Then most importantly: drink wine… This makes you hungrier and you’ll be able to fit all that deliciousness into that stomach of yours!

One last thing: do not, I repeat do not, use the scale at any point during December!” – Mandi Berghorst, Client Director Johannesburg

We hope that our hints and tips for a top festive season ensure that you have your best one yet!

Go forth and be merry!

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