November 2014 was a great month in the DigitLab camp, from being involved in successful events like Pretoria Digital Day and the DMX 2014 Conference, to lending insights to the industry as a whole…to things we can’t even talk about yet…

So let’s dive into everything we can share!

Beyond ‘the customer is always right’: understanding the social shopper

In an article featuring on Memeburn, Mike Saunders explored the interesting way in which social media has allowed online shopping to be as, or possible more, social than in-store shopping.

“From sharing potential purchases, to asking for advice, to providing recommendations, to giving reviews, to posting complaints – thanks to always-advancing mobile technologies, consumers are tapped into networks of fellow social shoppers that extend beyond the confines of online communities, and can have a very real impact on offline retail.”

Mike on the Tech Report

Facebook recently announced its new advertising tool for brand pages, called Atlas. The Tech Report, with insight from our CEO Mike Saunders, explained what that means for personal users and brands alike going forward.

You don’t choose the meme life, it chooses you

In this article on our DigitLab blog, we explored the whole concept of what a meme is, how something becomes one, and what that means for the subject behind the meme.

“Memes can appear in all shapes and sizes, but an ultimate by-product is that the original person behind the meme will become nothing more than their new meme persona. We often don’t know, or even want to know, the back story to our favourite memes – because then these pictures will become real people, and not the imaginary internet superheroes or villains we have made them.” 

‘It’s the small wins that count’ – How to make every day productive

Mike explored the idea of being busy just for the sake of it, or rather being productively busy as an entrepreneur in this article on his personal blog.

“Our attention should be caught by our dreams, aspirations and vision – not someone else’s. If we don’t take control of our time someone else will, possibly an investor, possibly a customer. An unfocused entrepreneur is dangerous for their business.”

Techsperts were born for a time such as this

Are YOU a techspert? This article from our blog this past month revolved around this specific type of Millennial in all their glory.

“Techsperts play an important role in popularising and spreading technology as they feed their experiences and insights back to their offline and online social groups, informing the rest of us as to what is out there and influencing our purchases.

In some ways they’re a marketer’s dream – they’re seemingly always online and so the former has numerous forums for reaching them. But they’re also very informed shoppers, so be straight up about your company and product or service.”

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