We don’t like to ease into a new year, we rather like to hit the ground running here at DigitLab – and this January was the perfect start to a great year.

We’re all about growing, as a team, as well as nurturing individual skills – which was the inspiration behind the DigitLab team sessions this month.

The DigitLab Kick-off Team Sessions

We started this year off with team sessions exploring both personal and career growth topics. Mike Saunders kicked off the week by delving into the concept of the Enneagram. We explored our different strengths and weaknesses, as well as the importance of respecting where another person is coming from at all times.

The next day we had a session run by Head of Research, Meegan Rourke-McGill, on the power of introverts. It was fascinating, considering extroverts tend to be prized more in Western society.

After Meegan, our CTO, Steve Gardner took us through the importance of handling Crucial Conversations well in the next session, and our Lead Strategist, Steve Ilbury delved into the predicted trends of 2015 after him.

The last sessions were presented by COO Darren Young, on adding value, not time to a project, and Client Manager Vicky Meagher on harnessing and growing ones strengths. All in all, a very intense week of learning and growing!

And of course, the week ended in a great afternoon of beach volleyball! Some team members found that more challenging than the rest of the week!

The trends we’ll see this year in digital marketing…

“Digital marketing is a fast-paced and exciting industry, and firms wishing to stay relevant and competitive in their respective fields need to stay on top of advances in the former. Even better, they should anticipate rather than react to developments in digital marketing.”

Our CEO Mike Saunders explores his trend predictions for 2015 on the DigitLab blog.

We got Bookmarked

The end of January was also very exciting, as it brought with it the news that we had been nominated for a Bookmark Award! We received the nomination under the category Research and Insights Projects, for our work with Nedbank.

We are extremely happy about this, and can’t wait for the event in February!

Instagram Round Up

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