So February did its usual trick this year of coming and going seemingly in the blink of an eye! Which means it’s time for another monthly mashup. What did we get up to during the month of hearts, chocolates and hot summer days?

2016 Bookmarks – here we come!

As you may remember, we were nominated this year for an IAB Bookmark Award in the category Research and Insights Projects. The nomination was given in light of the ORM work we’ve been doing for Nedbank. The awards ceremony was held this month, and sad to say we did not win the award.
Oh well. Next year, however, we’ll be back, and see if we don’t win it then!

New #SpeakSocial and Mobile Meet Up

This month we started advertising our next two events, both of which will be taking place in March:

1. A #SpeakSocial on Wednesday 11 March, 9:00 – 12:30
This morning-long event will take place at the beautiful Makaranga Garden Lodge, 1 Igwababa Road, Kloof.
Our experienced social media team will use the time to take you through how they use platforms like Facebook and YouTube to promote some of South Africa’s biggest brands online.
Learn more about the event and sign up here:

2. A Mobile Meet Up on Tuesday 24 March, 18:00 – 20:00
Our first Mobile Meet Up of the year will take place here, in our offices, namely Suite 7, Amber Block, 5 Abrey Road, Kloof.
Mobile is the new frontier of digital marketing, a changing landscape that offers immense potential for marketers.
Sign-ups will soon be taking place:

Instagram Roundup

Here at DigitLab we’re unafraid to let our geek flag fly. Kyle’s birthday cake offering bore the face of Darth Vader, but was antithetically very sweet.

Instagram cakes at DigitLab


Worthy of a Whose Line Is It Anyway? props sketch, Phil, Kyle and Steve found an alternative use for three of our new plant pots:Instagram potheads

Here they are fulfilling their actual role of foyer beautification:

Instagram coloured pots at DigitLab

Finally, we’re aware that many of our Instagram pictures involve food, but truth be told it’s unlikely we’re going to change our ways. One very hot day called for office ice-creams, and then another for Easter Eggs – because every day should be mallow egg day, wouldn’t you agree?

Instagram ice cream at DigitLab


Instagram easter eggs