Explaining Social Media Using Cupcakes

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(…because one is what we do, and the other is how we do it)

(…because one is what we do, and the other is how we do it)

If you follow us on our social platforms you may have noticed how much cake the DigitLab #workfamily consumes. And we don’t even document the true amount.

So it seemed natural for us to come up with an idea that brought our two areas of expertise together – Social Cupcake Recipes to celebrate World Baking Day on 17th May 2015. Now our real expertise lies in eating, not in making the cupcakes – so we rightly called in Megan from The Glass Jar (who in the past has supplied us with many a sugar comas from her amazing baking skills).

The Plan?

We will be breaking down the major social platforms used in South Africa by their cupcake forms throughout May. We will handle the social recipes, analysing the “ingredients” that make up each platform – while Megan will supply you with the recipes to make the edible version.
Sounds delicious to us.

Which Platforms?

We will be focusing on:
• Twitter
• Facebook
• LinkedIn
• Instagram
• YouTube
• Snapchat
• Pinterest

Want more than just the Social Ingredients?

There’s another part to our plan (baked goods inspire us) – if you want to know the method behind “baking” your perfect social cupcake for the platforms your brand needs – we will be making our Social Media Textbooks FREE on the DigitLab Insights shop from 1st May 2015.
So we will be supplying you with every recipe you need to bake up exactly what you want this world Baking Day.


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