If you’re from Durban, and on Instagram or in the digital space, you’ve probably heard of Andy. This 26 year old Content Marketer and Content Creator took to Instagram like a duck to water – and more than 800 posts later, has developed his own brand of visual story-telling.

He often collaborates with his friend, and our first #DigitLabSpotlight interviewee, Dane Forman, on storytelling projects and the two make magic together.

We’ll let him tell you the rest of his story in his own words…

Andy Carrie Instagram
Image by @AndyCarrie_on on Instagram

1. Since you’re a Content Creator – what would be your ultimate subject to create content around?

Um, that is a tough one. I think the ultimate subjects would be to create content around people and places. I find people super interesting. We all have stories to tell and by capturing a brief moment in time we are able to get a snippet into each other’s lives.

Andy Carrie photography
Image by @AndyCarrie_on on Instagram

2. What do you use to shoot your Instagram pics?

iPhone ONLY! I am a purest. Haha.


3. Be honest – what do you use to edit?

Honesty is the best policy. I use Snapseed and VSCO.


4. Which social platform is your favourite at the moment, and why?

Storehouse. It is incredible. It has changed the way I create content. It has allowed me to be that much more intentional with my visual storytelling. Not only is the user experience great, Storehouse has a drafts function that allows you to save stories and work on them later. Check out some of my stories, www.storehouse.co/andycarrie.


5. Talk us through your workflow?

As far as content creation is concerned, my workflow is pretty simple. Shoot, edit and post. When it comes to visual storytelling, like a story on storehouse, I like to take time to produce meaningful and inspiring content.


Andy Carrie True Grit Series
Image by @AndyCarrie_on on Instagram

6. What was the first picture you ever took?

Wow, I can’t really remember. I think it was a picture of some flowers with a sunset behind it.


7. What’s the most unlikely place you’ve found inspiration?

I was once walking in a nursery and I had my olloclip with me. It had rained the night before. I was overcome with how amazing the water droplets looked on the flowers with the sunlight shining. It was just super cool.


8. What’s the most exciting door that’s been opened for you since becoming an Instagrammer?

I think it has to be the most recent opportunity. I am heading to Romania to document the Untold Music Festival. I am super excited for that.


9. What’s your secret for success on Instagram?

To be honest, I don’t think there is a secret to success on Instagram. I started taking photos and creating content because it was a way I could express myself. When I started gaining a following on Instagram, I wanted to create an experience for my followers but at the same time I wanted to stay true to my passion. I think that is what people are truly looking for. A true representation of a passion that people can connect with.


10. Tell us about #DandyDo:

#DandyDo… Well, it all starts with a friendship and a shared passion for adventure. My best friend and fellow content creator (he also has the best moustache in the world), Dane Forman and I decided we wanted to document our crazy adventures. The hashtag took months of preparation to perfect. We combined both of our names! I know what you are thinking… Genius! It started with #DandyDoHluhluwe. We did a spontaneous trip to Hluhluwe Game Reserve and it has grown from there. We had the awesome opportunity of speaking at this year’s INDABA about #DandyDo. I am just stoked that we get to travel and have a great time as mates.

Andy Carrie Instagram
Image by @AndyCarrie_on on Instagram

11. What’s your favourite subject to photograph?

I think it is a toss up between people and places. But if I had to choose one, it would be people. I love connecting with a person. Genuinely having normal conversations. Connection is an incredibly important part of what I do. So portrait photography FTW!


What are the 5 things you wish people didn’t post on Instagram?

1) Pics that have been drown in HDR.
2) Pics of the typical “duckface” selfie.
3) Pics that have been drown in HDR.
4) Pics of the typical “duckface” selfie.
5) Pics that have been drown in HDR.






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