Spotlight On… Dane Forman

Dane and MustachioWelcome to the very first in our new series profiling locals doing very cool things online.

This will be a weekly occurrence from now on, so look forward to interviews with some incredibly interesting and inspiring individuals every Tuesday on our blog.

Without further ado, let’s turn that spotlight onto our first participant, Dane Forman. This born and bred Durbanite was schooled in videography and now schools the rest of us in how to do Instagram just right.



1. When did the moustache appear on the scene and what does your wife think of it?

Straight in for the kill I see. Mustachio arrived towards the end of 2014. He’s a little bit ginger, a little bit awkward and was teased a lot when he first arrived. But I made a promise to him that we were going to do great things together. It’s been an amazing friendship thus far. My wife needed a bit of convincing at first.


2. What do you use to shoot your Instagram pics?

Dane Forman Spotlight
Image by Dane Forman (@Dane_Forman on Instagram)

Up until recently it was exclusively iPhone only but these days I do shoot on a Canon DSLR as well.


3. Be honest – what do you use to edit?

Snapseed & VSCOcam. All editing is done on my phone. (To those interested, you can find both in your app store)


4. What was the first picture you ever took?

A tree silhouetted against a cloudy winter sky. I thought it was amazing at the time.


5. Talk us through your workflow?

Majority of my editing is done in Snapseed. If I feel the image needs a specific look and feel, I’ll take it through to VSCOcam for final touches.


6. What’s the most unlikely place you’ve found inspiration?

On a gritty harbour pier.


7. What’s the most exciting door that’s been opened for you since becoming an Instagrammer?

Being able to travel the country as a digital ambassador for Durban and South Africa and sharing these moments with local and international travelers. I also got to hang out with the Chili Peppers once.

Dane Forman Instagram Ostrich
Image by Dane Forman (@Dane_Forman on Instagram)

8. What’s your secret for success on Instagram?

Good content consistently. Get involved in the community and just go shoot.


9. What’s the next step?

There is a lot more travel happening in the coming weeks and months. My good friend Andy Carrie (@AndyCarrie_On) and I have also been put forward as South African ambassadors for an awesome new storytelleing app called Storehouse. Check it out at available on iOS. It’s sensational! I also have my visual storytelling website launching in the next few weeks. It’s busy times but I like having a lot on the go.


10. What’s your pet hate about the Instagram community?

The Instagram community is basically a euphoric place made of rainbows and unicorns where everyone loves everyone and happiness abounds. But every now and then people’s egos flair up. That sucks.


11. Tell us about #DandyDo:

#DandyDo is a hashtag started by myself and one of my best mates and Durban Instagram legends, Andy Carrie.
We are doing a lot of travelling together and it became a tag for the travelling duo that we had become and a way to cover our adventures. The name Dandy came from an amalgamation of our names Dane and Andy. Creative right? It took us months to conceptualize.


12. What’s your favourite subject to photograph?

I’ve always liked landscapes but these days I’m leaning a lot more towards travel and street photography.


Dane Forman Instagram Shoes
Image by Dane Forman (@Dane_Forman on Instagram)

13. We hear you’re a keen videographer – is there a reason why you don’t really use the video function on Instagram?

Not particularly. I’ve just always kept my Instagram feed to a specific theme. All images. All square cropped.


14. If you had to choose one for the rest of your life – photos or videos? And why?

I hate choice questions. I’m the guy that wants to have my cake and eat it. I came from a videography background and got into photography later. I think both have a massive role to play in the digital space. I do like my videos though.


15. What are the 5 things you wish people didn’t post on Instagram?

Instagram is a space for personal expression and that’s what makes it so awesome. Having said that there are some things that really grate me.

1. Posting memes, screenshots and other non-original content. There is 9gag for that type of stuff.
2. People using the repost app on their personal accounts to “feature” other people’s images.
3/4. An abundance of baby and pet pictures mainly because I’m not at that stage in my life yet.
5. Selfies! The thought that some people can fill an entire feed with bad duckface photos of themselves completely flaws me. Unless you’re Candice Swanepoel. Then by all means selfie until your heart’s content!

Thanks Dane! Follow him on Instagram to keep up with his adventures: @Dane_Forman
If you know someone who you think we should turn our Spotlight on, then give us a shout.


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