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Spotlight On…Nick Ferreira

Written by 8:00 am People Focus

Nick Ferreira pictures

You’ve probably come into contact with Durbanite, the site celebrating everything uniquely Durban. Now we bring you the man behind the bunny chow reviews, surf pictures and general positive Durban vibes, Nick Ferreira.

This 30 year old Durbanite started his life in Pretoria, but quickly saw the error of his ways (no offence Pretorians), and managed to make his way to Durban at the age of 5 – his parents may have had a hand it this journey.

With a day job as the Interactive Marketing Coordinator for Quicksilver and Roxy South Africa, it’s no surprise that Nick knows exactly what it takes to make his side projects, including a South African based stock photography site, SA Stock, a success.


1. You have quite a few projects on the go right now – how many cups of coffee do you consume a day to keep it all going?

At least 2 cups, I don’t have the time to make any more.

Nick Ferreira photography

Nick Ferreira Photography

2. How did SA Stock come about?

I created SA Stock as there was a need for a place for all South African photographers to showcase and sell their photos.


3. If you had to choose one – photos or video?

I’d choose photos, being able to capture a still moment in time is an amazing thing.


4. Talk us through your average day?

My average day starts with a cup of coffee, then I plan what needs to be done for the day – I keep a diary which I could not function without. I then get to the grind – work hard and play hard.


5. What do you use to take your Instagram pictures?

I use my trusty Samsung Galaxy Note 3 & my DSLR Camera.


6. What’s your favourite part of working on Durbanite?

My favourite part is definitely attending the events and meeting some awesome people along the way.

Nick Ferreira Photography surfing

Nick Ferreira Photography

7. Which is your favourite social media platform at the moment and why?

Tough one, I would probably go with the trend and say Instagram – I like the simplicity.


8. Do you have a 5 year plan? If so, what is it?

5 Years feels like such a long time yet it’s actually right around the corner. 5 Years from now I would like to have a family with my lovely wife Shelley, house garden, dogs… The Dream.


9. What would your 10 year old self think of what you’re doing now?

I think he would have wanted to be exactly where I am today. Life is good.


10. What is your favourite program to edit your photos?

I like editing my photos in Photoshop over Lightroom – I just feel I have more control over each image.

Nick Ferreira photography sunset

11. What’s next?

The million dollar question! I would like to finish my pilots licence (www.helpmefly.co.za) and travel the world!


12. Tell us more about how Durbanite came to be?

My wife and I were sitting at a popular steak restaurant and decided that we had such a good experience that we should do a review. It was literally in that moment that Durbanite was conceived. As simple as that, that same evening we went home and I bought the domain and began building the site!


Thanks Nick!
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