Feeling like you’re ready for this weekend to start?

It may have felt like this week was over before you even had a chance to grab hold of it…but fear not, amazing things still managed to happen. So get comfortable, we have some news to share with you.


#CEOSleepOutZA a success

CEO Sleepout










What can get a whole bunch of powerful heads of companies sleeping out on a cold Johannesburg night, with nothing more than a sleeping bag? The instinct to help boys and girls who have to do it every night. Last night’s CEO SleepOut turn out, as well as the all-important amount of over R24 million raised for SA’s homeless children, was enough to silence any cynic.


Whatsapp fails EFF privacy test

Whatsapp fails EFF privacy report


Nope, we’re not talking about the political party headed by the thorn in Zuma’s side – the EFF in this case is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Every year they publish a “Who Has Your Back” report detailing our various service providers’ efforts to protect users’ privacy, as well as their transparency on the matter.

Well, all we’ll say is, if you like your privacy, whatsapp definitely can’t keep a secret.


Flightradar tech makes flying safe again

Flightradar tracking aeroplanes


It’s true, too many planes have gone missing in recent years. That’s why the International Civil Aviation Organisation, the purveyors of air travel safety, gave the industry a year to ensure that plane tracking is as close to real-time as possible. That year is almost up, and Airbus and Flightradar have a plan.


Scientists are using Daily Mail and CNN articles to teach A.I. machines to read

Using Daily Mail and CNN articles to teach AI machines to read

There’s a revolution afoot, and the Daily Mail and CNN unwittingly caused it with by firstly writing their online articles in a certain way, and secondly by being productive enough to churn out enough articles to create a database big enough to teach artificial intelligence machines to first read, and then be able to answer questions on what they have read.

You know what that means? That means deep thought for the machines – run and hide / rejoice.


Twitter introduces auto play videos

Twitter autoplay videos

Love ‘em, or hate ‘em, it had to happen eventually – Twitter announced on Tuesday that you are going to start seeing a lot more movement in your timeline from now on. Following other social platforms like Facebook implementing auto play on videos, Twitter believes this will improve users experience on the platform.

SocialMediaToday have everything you need to know about this new development (and how to turn off the function if you want).