Welcome back to your weekly roundup of our highlights in the digital world, coming to you just in time for you to hold your own in any tech-related conversation this weekend (for other topics though, you’re on your own a little there – good luck!).

It’s been a busy week of very interesting announcements and developments, so let’s get stuck in, shall we?


Twitter drops 140 character limit for DMs (!!!!!!)

Twitter increase DM Character limit



This one is for all Community Managers everywhere – rejoice! No longer will you have to craftily explain your brand’s policies, gain info from a customer or calm down a spitting member of the public in just 140 characters. You can now do all that like a civilized person, with up to 1000 characters.

Interestingly, this development could have other messaging apps quivering in their boots a little…let the messaging battle begin.


Gmail introduces “undo send”

Gmail introduces undo send



Continuing on the good news trend, Gmail announced that they want to help decrease the average amount of embarrassment its users experience on a daily basis. Ever sent a NSFW email to your boss? Or maybe an email discussing someone to that person rather than the intended friend?

That can now be a thing of the past! If you act quickly enough, that is.


Cell C and Facebook to launch free internet in SA

Cell C and Facebook launch free internet


With the help of Cell C, Facebook is officially bringing its free internet service, Internet.org, to South Africa. This comes as Cell C’s second venture into being the network provider “for the people”, after their recent move to allow all Cell C users to use Whatsapp for free.

The first step – Facebook will be free for all Cell C browsers from July 1st.

The second step – All browsing will be free for Cell C users through the internet.org app from September.


Instagram announces new Explore page and more powerful Search

Instagram explore page and powerful search


As great a platform as Instagram is for visual content, let’s be honest, hashtags are a bit of a hit and miss exercise most of the time, and it can be difficult to sift through all the millions of images available.

So now Instagram has decided to organise themselves a bit more – with a whole new Explore page, featuring trending hashtags and the ability to search by location. This is a momentous day.

With these new features, Instagram hopes to make the whole search element of the platform more user-friendly.


SA Businesses Slogan Quiz

SA businesses slogans


It’s been an eventful week, and we think that calls for some fun.

How well do you really know your favourite SA brand’s slogans? Take the Biztech SA slogan test and let us know how well you do…