We are pleased to announce on behalf of our client, that Game Stores SA Facebook page got top marks when it came to Page Management and Response Rate, according to HaveYouHeard, who just released their latest statistics on the 200 top performing South African brands on Facebook in the first four months of 2015.

Game’s main aim with their social media has been customer-centric from the start, knowing that customers want to be able to engage with retail brands on their social channels as an effective form of customer service.

Game top 200 South Africa Facebook pages

How the metrics were calculated

HaveYouHeard used social analytics tool, Socialbakers, to gain insight into the raw data they needed to calculate their Engagement Interaction Score, which was used to analyse just how well each page was doing in reality – taking away the distorting element of audience size and rather looking at actual engagement rates.

To calculate the Engagement Interaction Score, the agency divided the total number of page interactions of each page by their total number of likes over the timeframe.

By doing this, they were able to put all the pages on an even footing, no matter the size, to properly analyse them against each other.


Game acknowledged for Page Management and Response Rate

Out of the 200 pages examined, Game Stores, Carling Black Label, DHL Africa, Ackermans and Lexus South Africa came out top with page management scores of over 92 points each, while the average score was just 69 points.
On the Response Rate side, Game Stores again lead the pack, along with Ponds, ABSA, I Love Baking and iStore with a 92% response rate – as opposed to the average of 55% in most South African pages.


Game’s social strategy is all about people

These latest statistics cement that the work DigitLab is doing with Game is achieving exactly what the retail brand wanted to when our partnership began. A retail brand’s social media is just as much about opening up effective lines of customer service, as it is about building up a connected community.

We are pleased that these goals are being realised so effectively, and will use such feedback to work with Game closely to serve their customers interests even more closely over time.

Go here to learn more of the findings in the report.