It’s been a big week in the digital world, as well as out of it. You may have noticed that the American Supreme Court passed a judgement that caused a colourfully rainbow ripple effect, a certain Twitter QnA went hilariously wrong, and so much more happened behind the scenes (as they always do).

So take a seat, as we take you through what we consider to be the week’s biggest digital news.


Love wins online

Love Wins Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage


This is the Supreme Court ruling we were talking about – same-sex marriage is now officially legal throughout the whole of America. It’s history in the making, and Facebook allowed everyone to easily become involved by releasing a tool that allows any user to easily add a rainbow filter to their profile picture to show their support of the ruling.

Many brands, normally quiet on controversial topics, also took on the trend, quickly designing rainbow versions of their normal logos, as well as clever (and not so clever) posts about the judgement.

An interesting twist on the lovely, community-centric thing that Facebook did? There are rumours that it was actually part of a social experiment conducted by Facebook. Then there’s the ever entertaining rumour that nay-sayers were trying to spread that the rainbow filter was to identify sex offenders on the platform.


Facebook had an overhaul…kind of…not really

Facebook logo design change

Basically, they changed the “a”.


The real Facebook news…an algorithm update

Facebook algorithm change


Instead of judging pages on the active engagement they elicit, Facebook has finally acknowledged the silent and passive engagement that so many Facebook users employ. No longer will it be all about the likes, shares and comments, but pages will soon be able to gauge their audience’s true appreciation of their content with Facebook focusing on “time spent” on certain content.

Along with that, Facebook is also introducing great new features for pages, such as expiring posts, being able to save draft posts and responses and more. We’re pretty sure this is the first Facebook update that’s made brands and businesses feel loved by the platform.


When Twitter QnAs go bad…the E.L. James story

E.L. James Twitter QnA

E.L. James, author of the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy, decided to start her week off chatting to her fans on Twitter – under the hashtag #AskELJames. She possibly regrets this unwise decision now, considering what actually went down.

Catch the highlights in this Mashable post.



Everything you need to know about Google’s “Quality Update”

Google Quality Update

At the end of the day, Google is all about returning the best results to their searchers – they want to be able to easily point them in the direction of the perfect answer to their search query. That’s why it’s not surprising that Google wants to champion sites producing authentic, worth-while content, over those writing for SEO and rankings.

If your site has its users in mind, then good news is coming your way.