This week’s #DigitLabSpotlight is firmly trained on founder of the majorly successful wedding and lifestyle inspiration site, The Pretty Blog.

Christine Meintjes’s journey from being ‘the girl with the camera’, shooting hundreds of weddings, to becoming a bride herself, showed her what it felt like to be on the other side of a wedding and needing inspiration. And so The Pretty Blog was born – and has since blossomed into so much more, covering every aspect of “pretty” for both South Africans and those abroad looking for inspiration for any occasion.

We’ll now hand the reigns over to the content visionary herself – time to be inspired.

Christine The Pretty Blog

1. What sparked the creation of The Pretty Blog back in 2010?

I started my own personal photography blog in 2007 (at that stage a blogspot, it’s actually still on the internet :D). After spending hours in bridal consultations, going through all my images and albums, I realized there was a huge need for visual inspiration. Brides need to see what the day will look like, to be filled with ideas and inspiration.

Being in the epicentre of the wedding industry, we tend to forget that all things ‘wedding’ is second nature to us, but for a bride it is all brand new. So it just made perfect sense to me to make all this information available and accessible to any bride via an online platform tips, ideas, advice and lots and lots of pretty pictures!

From the get go I believed that The Pretty Blog could become a hub of inspiration for every aspect of a woman’s life not just for the initial wedding related season, but for every season thereafter too. Creating your wedding is simply the first time most women become interested in the concept of ‘pretty’ and it is the opportune time to introduce them to the world of pretty that awaits thereafter.


2. If you had to choose one, which feature has been your favourite off the blog?

The first post will always be my favourite. I have no clue what it was, or what the images looked like, but without that first post, there would be no Pretty Blog. It was the first step of putting ourselves out there and trying something.


3. What do you think is the future of content?

I believe content is the future of marketing, but marketing in the future will not at all be anything like we know today. I believe that authentic content will be the only way in which you will be able to reach your audience. It’s the clutter & unauthentic that will disappear, because the new generation sees right through it.

I believe content’s future is something we cannot fully comprehend or put into words yet. But it will definitely have a much bigger impact than what we’re currently experiencing.


4. Your blog is very focused around female lifestyle – any plans to attract male readership (or would that go against the prettiness)?

Ha ha, yes we’ve had many requests for a men’s side and I do think there is a need for it, but for now we’re focussing on getting this one ‘right’ first. We do however share male content every now and again, because many ladies do the shopping in the house anyway 🙂


5. Take us through an average day for you?

I come into the office anything from 7:30 to 8:30. I recently started training a few days a week, so gym first for Tuesdays and Thursdays. Then I meet up with the team at 8:45 for our daily stand-up meeting. This is a quick check in meeting where everyone gets a few minutes to give feedback of what they’re busy with. Then I catch up on emails, connect to clients, follow up on projects etc.

My days vary from full days of shooting, to sending emails the whole day. Working on creative concepts for clients to sourcing new contacts or creatives.

It’s a bit of everything, but my main job is to be the visionary, implement new ideas and build strong relationships in the industry.

Christine Meintjes

6. Which is prettier – tea or coffee?

Coffee for sure.


7. What would you say is the main reason The Pretty Blog has been so successful?

We believe content is king and we’ve stayed true to that vision. We’ve managed to partner with great creatives and give them a platform to showcase their talent. On the other hand, we’ve created a hub of inspiration and information for women who want to browse through and discover ‘pretty’ things. So essentially it’s a win-win for both.


8. Which type of content do you prefer at the moment – photos, written or video, and why?

I still prefer photos. Video is an awesome channel in its own right, but I probably always be a pictures girl 🙂


9. Do you think that the way South Africans approach weddings has changed over the last 5 years? If so, what role do you think online content and social media has played in this?

Yes for sure. 5 years ago the majority of brides still followed a very traditional approach to weddings and I believe this is because the media (at that stage mainly magazines) had very limited variation that they showcased. Brides also didn’t have all the information about service providers like they have now. Online services and social media has taken away the gate keepers and connected the bride directly to everyone she needs right on her phone, tablet or desktop. Today brides have way more inspiration than back then. They have Pinterest, numerous blogs, Instagram and many other platforms that fills them with ideas for their big day.

I believe they also have more courage to try things that might not have been ‘acceptable’ back, then largely as the result of the exposure to more unusual things. The main trend change I’ve seen the past few years, is that people are making their weddings so much more about them as a couple by including elements that are unique to them, rather than leaning towards tradition, because it ‘has to be done’. Which I think is great.


10. How do you balance championing local love with appealing to a global audience?

I believe pretty inspiration is universal. We’re just really lucky to be located in one of the world’s greatest hubs of amazing wedding service providers, breath-taking locations, the best food and insanely talented creatives. So essentially our South African roots has given us a place to work from and reach a global audience, and this was solely made possible by world class South African talent that definitely has international relevance.


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Thanks Christine!

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