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Spotlight On… Melanie Gia Ramjee aka Hypress

Written by 9:14 am Digital Focus

This switched on social-media savvy publicist truly understands the important role the digital space plays in her industry these days. And boy does she work it well.

This switched on social-media savvy publicist truly understands the important role the digital space plays in her industry these days. And boy does she work it well.

Hypress is a self-made, publicity owning, machine and somehow is still one of the most humble people – which is probably why she handles the social media side of her job so well.

Time to hand the mic over to the woman herself…


1. Tell us about the main reason that drew you to being a publicist?

I really love talking to people and I also love writing. I co-founded a record label after tertiary back in the early 2000s. Sadly I could not sing or produce or DJ or anything outside of talking and writing, hence PR found me.


2. In your experience, which tends to be better for proper exposure for you clients – social media or real-life networking? And why?Hypress TuTone Communications

Social Media for sure. It’s instantaneous so the message reaches the market almost immediately. Everyone is online and not everyone is out attending events. Networking is more for finding clients not marketing them in my view.


3. What would your 10 year old self think of where you are today?

She would laugh her heart out. She would be surprised I took life so seriously and even started my own business. She expected me to be a dancer or choreographer, maybe an actress, a fashion designer or someone famous. But she would also be happy that I’m single. I hated boys at 10.


4. Describe your ultimate client?

My ultimate ultimate would be a client who has unlimited budget and who is open and understanding of the changing times. Clients often want to see print media coverage while so many young people don’t read physical newspapers and magazines anymore.


5. Give your best piece of advice in 10 words?

The best advice my parents ever gave me:

If you don’t stand for SOMETHING, you’ll fall for ANYTHING.

It really does help with every decision I make in life.


6. You started TuTone Communications in 2010 – what’s been the biggest career highlight since then?

I don’t really have one in particular to be honest. I have worked on some amazing events, concerts and projects. The Jack Daniels Boomtown at the Durban July is one of my favourites. Miller is a client who keeps me young and on my toes always and I love their campaign and projects. And of course all the international concerts I have worked on, Jill Scott, Kendrick Lamar Trey Songz, Rick Ross to name a few.

Melanie Gia Ramjee

7. Take us through your average day?

Wake up. Take my son Musa to crèche. Back home, shower and head upstairs to my office. Check and reply to all emails. Touch base with my business partner in Cape Town. Head out to a meeting or two. Lunch with a client or friend. Back to the office to do a report, have a meeting, send out a press release, do a PR strategy, send out an invite. Spend time with my son while getting ready for an event / launch. Attend an event in the evening.


8. Which is your favourite social media platform at the moment and why?

Instagram. I love posting pictures and seeing other people’s lives unfold online.


9. What’s next?

• A few cool events coming up this year
• Hopefully a few new and exciting clients to sign up
• Buying a new house as I am tired of this rent life for the last 2 years
• A holiday to Ibiza and then a work trip to Vegas



Thanks Hypress!

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