Spotlight On… Suzelle DIY

The master of all DIY, with a head for selling her brand perfectly, Suzelle DIY is one lady with a lot of influence!

We’re so happy that this practical genius agreed to have our #DigitLabSpotlight trained on her for some in-depth and very important questions. But then again, why wouldn’t she – the spotlight definitely suits her.

So, without further ado, we’ll hand you over to the 31 year old DIY-YouTuber from Somerset West herself.

Suzelle DIY Christmas


1. How did you find yourself on YouTube?

I always wanted to have my own DIY show because I am so creative. Then my neighbour, Hennie (who is very good at computers) showed me YouTube and I thought to myself, “Suzelle, here’s an opportunity!”

Suzelle DIY hammer
Image by Adriaan Oosthuizen.

2. Which is your next favourite social media platform after YouTube, and why?

Instagram! I like that it’s very visual. Pictures sometimes tell much better stories than words.


3. Where do you draw influence from for your content?

I read a lot of DIY books and magazines. But a lot of the content is straight from my own experience and creativity. I also love looking on Google and Pinterest for fun ideas.


4. Take us through your typical day?

I wake up at 7am and have a lovely breakfast and a koffie at home. Then I either go to the Guesthouse (where I work) or to my little DIY studio. I will normally spend the morning doing a bit of research. I like to cut out pictures and ideas from magazines and put them in my flip file. Then I normally meet my best friend, Marianne, for an afternoon koffie and a chat. I usually film my DIY episodes in the afternoons and on weekends. In the evening I like to relax with a cup of Rooibos while I watch a few of my favourite TV programmes.


Suzelle Burnt Iron

5. Give your best piece of advice in 10 words?

As Albert Einstein says, creativity is contagious. Pass it on.


6. Tell us all about your Koffie Table Book?

I am so excited about the Koffie Table Book! It is full of fun and clever tips and tricks from my sleeves. Marianne even has her own chapter.


7. What’s your secret for success?

To just “keep going!”


8. If you could take control of every social media platforms for a day, take us through what you would do with that day?

I would have a day of creativity and DIY! I would have a live show for the whole day and have special guests and Suzelle DIY - Glamourpeople could phone in and ask questions. We could bake things and build things and invent things and everyone could be involved from all around the world. Wowee! It would be like a Suzelle takeover!


9. What’s next for you?

At the moment we are working very hard on releasing many more DIY episodes! I am also starting a vlog because all the hip you tubers are doing it. It will be like my diary, I can’t wait. I also want to start selling more fun Suzelle merchandise on my website, …. Watch this space!


Thanks Suzelle!

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