It’s been a week of intrigue, scandal and big announcements. So in other words, who cares that it was a short four day week – a lot was packed into that time.

So get yourself a cup of coffee, find a comfy chair and we’ll dive right into the thick of it…


Haha killed the Lol

Facebook Haha killed Lol



Thought you had internet-speak down when you responded with that ever so succinct “LOL” to a friend’s joke? Or on the flipside, lamented recently to those around you about how “LOL” ruled the world?

Well good news! To all those who have been tirelessly chipping away at the power of the “LOL” for the past few years, with their dogged determination to only express their laughter in onomatopoeias such as “haha”, “hehe” or with the more visual emoji options – the day has officially come: You’ve won.

How do we know? It’s Facebook Official.


How to cause nationwide outrage (in case you wanted to know)

Bic South Africa Women's Day


You were expecting us to start with this story, right? We thought we’d rather get some lols out first – before the rage pours out again.

This poor stock image woman.

In case you managed to miss it, Bic South Africa had a major misstep earlier this week for Women’s Day, by “empowering” all South African females to take pride in being anything but themselves. Good work Bic, good work. The saddest part? This post isn’t just a silly mistake, but shows that an agency, and all its quality control procedures, as well as a major company honestly thought this way of thinking was ok – empowering even.

Time for reform. Also, it gave competitors a field day.


Google just made the Alphabet even more important

Alphabet Google


Only Google could see even bigger than itself and create something even more impressive.

This had to have been the biggest announcement of the past week: Google has now made itself into a subsidiary of “itself”. Larry Page unveiled Alphabet as the new holding company, with Google and all of the companies separate projects under its wings in this blog post and basically blew our minds.

Just like all innovations though, as soon as you collected yourself from the news, it just made perfect sense. It’s such a simple and elegant solution to allowing each project to flourish under its own CEO, including a slimmed down Google, and thus grow infinitely more.


We got to have revenge with #WeCaughtTheFlu




We finally saw a good use of a promoted trend on Twitter this week, when Med-Lemon revealed that they had managed to capture the flu…and that meant revenge time for anyone by simply tweeting what you wanted done to it.

This amazingly entertaining campaign allowed anyone who had been plagued by the sniffles and worse this winter to vent their frustrations, feel a little famous, and of course, keep Med-Lemon’s flu fighting power next time the flu caught hold of them.

Well played Med-Lemon.