Welcome to your weekly round-up of the digital and tech developments of the week that we deem to be newsworthy. That’s not to say items not mentioned weren’t important, but for us, your time is – so we like to keep this short, simple, and to the point.

On the note of this being weekly…you may have noticed the silence last week. So let’s recap last week quickly (because it’s the right thing to do).


Last Week in Digital: 31 July 2015

Italy asked the Foo Fighters to come back and play for them, the last time having been in 1997, in the most epic way possible.



Oh, and one more thing:

Windows 10 was released. Globally. And it was downloaded and installed by over 67 million PC users in the first two days.

Windows 10 release
Right, I think we’re up to speed. Back to This Week in Digital.


Windows 10 might be more than just the next operating system

Just a week after the official release of Windows 10 and despite the hashtag on Twitter #Windows10Fail (always so sweet, Twitter), Windows 10 seems to have impressed most whom have managed to download and install it.

Not only is it saving Microsoft’s reputation after the event that Windows 8 was, features like Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello are serious moves in the right direction for positive authentication over the easy to hack password that currently governs everything.


Adidas takes a run at digital fitness

Adidas Runtastic fitness tech


In a bid to keep up with competitors like Nike, in a fitness world now dominated by tech, Adidas has just bought fitness tech company, Runtastic, for just less than $240 million.

Apparently both will still function separately, but we’re pretty sure we can expect some innovative fitness solutions coming out of the Adidas camp soon.


You can soon get your favourite drug in 3D printed form

3D printed medicine
Ok, maybe not every drug. And just to clarify, we’re talking about legitimate medicine here – no clue what the availability of 3D printers and materials is like in the back alleys.

To be honest, this is an amazing breakthrough though. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals has just received the ground-breaking approval from the FDA to 3D produce a drug called Spritam, a drug to help control epileptic seizures.


Hootsuite announces partnership with Instagram to finally allow scheduling

Hootsuite scheduling Instagram


Yes, that’s what they announced. The reality though? Instagram is still serious about keeping it real (time). The “scheduling” function is that you can basically write up a draft of your Instagram post, along with picture and everything, in Hootsuite, and “schedule” when you want it to go out.

But does it seamlessly post when you wanted? Nope, you get a notification to then copy and paste everything you lovingly wrote in Hootsuite over to Instagram and post live.

Bad news for anyone who thought they could finally sleep in and still get that Instagram out.