The wordsmith behind mommy blog, heartmamablog, has a lot on the go right now. Not only does she provide a platform for adoptive parents to share their stories, ask questions and join a supportive community, but she also has her hands full with three adorable kids under the age of four.

And yet she still finds time for her freelance event planning. Hats off to you Julie.

We wanted to know what drew this busy lady to the digital space…and she was kind enough to tell us, so over to you Julie.

Jules Kynaston and family

1. What first made you decide to start your blog?

I’ve always been interested in blogging but struggled to get started, mainly because I couldn’t decide on a name for my blog. There are plenty adoption blogs out there but very few local adoption blogs so I took the gap. I’d love my blog to become known as place where adoptive moms can share their stories, be encouraged and also feel part of the ‘mommy community’. I prefer expressing myself through writing and enjoy sorting through my thoughts this way, so blogging is a no-brainer for me.


Jules Kynaston heartmamablog

2. What’s been the most surprising outcome of going online with your story?

It’s been fun discovering other heart moms and chatting to prospective adoptive parents about adoption, but mostly I’m surprised that I’m sometimes referred to as ‘Media’ and get invited to events and launches. Blogging has some pretty awesome perks.


3. If your children were to read your blog when they’re older, what do you think they would say?

I write every blog most imagining that they will read it one day – which sometimes means that I overthink things a bit. Most of my posts are about my children and how much I love them as well as some fun memories about what we’ve been up to as a family. I am happy to share images and stories about my children, but I respect that their adoption story is theirs to tell one day and so I won’t share too much personal information on public platforms.


4. Which is your favourite social media platform, and why?

I love Instagram because I enjoy capturing special moments with my family. And my kids have the best smiles. (Yes, I’m that mom who whips out her phone to snap a pic or ten a few times a day.)

Jules and husband, Ryan

5. Talk us through your average process for an article?

I’m currently running a series called ‘Meet the Mama’ where other heart mamas share their adoption stories. This involves identifying other heart moms and then engaging with them about their story – usually it’s a bit of back and forth to clarify terminology and discuss outlook on adoption. I’m very open to having my views on adoption challenged as I’m learning all the time, but would also like my blog to present a consistent message on the major topics eg. Race is very important, our children’s stories are not ours to share and the use of the word ‘own’ vs ‘biological’.


6. If there was one thing you could change about South Africa’s online community, what would it be?

I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi, so I’d like to institute compulsory spell check. That would make me happy. Other than that, I love my blogging buddies and feel that on a whole everyone is supportive of each other and not too stingy when it comes to sharing advice or celebrating others’ successes.


6. What’s your favourite time of day, and why?

I live for my morning cuddles in bed with my kids. Ryan is the early riser and so he sends them through to our room one at a time – I get to start my day with my love tank full of slobbery smooches. It’s the best.


7. What is your favourite piece of advice for a couple looking into adoption?

Chat to people who have adopted or are adopting – cast your net wide to gather information but remember that no two adoption stories are the same. Becoming a parent through adoption is a life-changing experience and so if you’re considering adoption, I say go for it!

Kynie Kids

8. What’s next?

Being a Mom keeps me on my toes but I see a summer full of adventuring and terrible two tantrums on my horizon.


Thanks Jules!

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