The subject of this week’s #DigitLabSpotlight is going to stir up serious wanderlust problems for all who read on. Now that we’ve given you that little disclaimer though, we feel like content creator and travel blogger Kate Els can run wild and free with this interview!

Over to you Kate…

Kate Els Travel Blogger

1. Can you pinpoint when the travel bug bit you for the first time? Tells us all about it.

I got sent to Berlin for a work assignment. I had to cover a rather dull trade fair, but catching the train back to my hotel each night and walking through the streets made me feel so alive and in love with being somewhere different. I just sorta knew I was in a new life phase and I would never again be able to stay still for very long.


2. Where is your next dream destination and why?

I am desperate to get to Rwanda. I’ve seen some incredible videos of the country and there is so much more than just going to see the gorillas. For instance, there’s a ban on plastic bags, making it one of the cleanest countries in Africa, did you know that?


3. Tell us about what drew you to travel blogging?

I needed a place to put down all my memories and stories that I couldn’t sell publications. This digital diary has taken me to so many places as a result that I don’t see myself ever giving it up.



4. Which appeals to you more – visuals or writing? And why?

It started as writing, one of my only natural talents. Yet, as I’ve progressed and bettered my photography, it’s become more about both. Next up though is figuring out video!


5. Which is your favourite social media platform at the moment, and why?

It has to be Instagram. I don’t feel like I’m being targeted by brands here and it’s still a sacred, curated experience for me.


6. Tell us about one highlight from the recent #MeetSouthAfrica trip?

Indikate Kate Els
Dancing in the Laird’s Arms at almost midnight in the tiny town of Matjiesfontein, with a group of people that I knew I would fall in love with for their creative talent by the end of the experience.


7. Give us your top three travel tips?

  • Pack light, you should never need more than a suitcase and a backpack
  • Time is the most valuable thing when you travel, if a flight is more expensive than a train, but saves you six hours, rather just pay.
  • You should probably pack a poncho. Or don’t, and get soaked in the rain like I always do (it’s more fun anyway)


8. Take us through your average day?

I wake up about 7am, deal with any emails that take less than two minutes that can be answered from my bed then head to pilates or swimming (because all the travel and eating isn’t my body’s friend). After that, I usually decide where I’ll work from for the day and head there with three distinct things that need to be achieved that day. I’m pretty social, and usually always make plans for the evenings to try out a new restaurant I want to review or just see friends.


9. What is your favourite aspect of traveling?

Getting lost in a city. There is nothing more fun than being lost and not knowing what you might find around the next corner. I’ve ended up in a Russian Karaoke Bar in Berlin, gotten stuck in an MC Escher-type stair loop in Saint Petersburg for at least twenty minutes, and seen a giant piñata bashed open by a man hanging from the ceiling with an enormous papier-mâché penis in New York.


10. What’s next?

A nap.

Seriously though, I’m taking a little time out for a few months and catching up with life in Jozi before heading to Kenya and Edinburgh at the end of the year. I’m also singing up to complete my tourist guide qualification to host international groups from next year.



Thanks Kate! And happy travels 😉

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