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Welcome to our #DigitLabSpotlight on Africa’s Top Instagrammer, the man behind the mobile and camera lens himself, Gareth Pon.

Welcome to our #DigitLabSpotlight on Africa’s Top Instagrammer, the man behind the mobile and camera lens himself, Gareth Pon.

You would think that this interesting guy has achieved enough to make most quite content, but take a read – Gareth has ambitions that are literally out of this world.

Over to you Gareth.

Gareth Pon by Tim Gerges

Portrait by Tim Gerges

1. What first drew you to photography?

The appeal of the contrast of photography vs. film, before photography I was mostly creating moving images. I naturally progressed to shooting stills too, but quickly realised that the entire thought process was different. From then it was my challenge to capture the moment that told the story.


Gareth Pon

2. Do you remember what your first Instagram picture was?

I think it was a photo of my leather bag, I’ve since removed it though! Ha.


3. What do you use to shoot your Instagram images? (And what do you use to edit them?)

I currently shoot with a Samsung NX1 mirrorless and a Galaxy S6 Edge, both have amazing image capturing abilities. I use Snapseed when I’m editing on mobile and Lightroom when I’m editing on pc.



4. Take us through your average day?

I never really have an average day. But I try keep my days as social as possible, spending time with those who inspire me. I think the key to growth is to always surround yourself with those who will challenge you. I will however always try squeeze a great meal into every day, whether I’ve made it myself or found a nice restaurant somewhere to treat myself.


Gareth Pon Instagram

5. What’s been the most unexpected result of pursuing photography and film-making?

Having friends all over the world. I think Instagram has given myself and many others the opportunities to be internationally recognised individuals within this space.


6. What’s your favourite subject to photograph?

People and emotion.


7. What’s the most exciting door that’s been opened for you since becoming an Instagrammer?

Being able to travel with others who share a common passion. I’ve been lucky enough to share my experiences and life with some of my closest friends.


Gareth Pon Africa Top Instagrammer

8. Other than Instagram, which is your favourite social media platform, and why?

Snapchat. It’s quick, gritty and to the point.


9. What’s your best advice for an aspiring photographer?

Stay true to yourself and develop the part of you that only you can share. The world needs more photographers who aren’t scared of being themselves.


10. If you had to choose – photos or videos? And why?

Videos. Film is still my favourite medium, I’m just lucky that photos compliment video.


11. What’s next?

Space travel.

Gareth Pon Photography


Thanks Gareth!

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