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Our #DigitLabSpotlight caught Editor of Tech Girl, and newly minted employee of Webfluential, Sam Wright in its beam this week.

Our #DigitLabSpotlight caught Editor of Tech Girl, and newly minted employee of Webfluential, Sam Wright in its beam this week.

Not only does Sam have a great love for tech – hence her popular blog – but she also brings such a difference to the idea of geeking out about it. It’s not surprising that Webfluential hired her to help give other blogs out there a proper voice.

But we’ll let her tell her own story now – enjoy!

Samantha Wright

1. Which came first – a love for tech, or a love for writing?

It really is a much of a muchness. My dad was teaching me how to build free websites on Geocities when I was 12 years old and used to drag me to Meccano shows on weekends. But my first love was always writing and reading. So it made sense to combine them.


Sam Wright Tech Girl

2. What sparked the start of

Don’t tell anyone but it actually came about after too many glasses of wine at a smartphone launch. My friends and I thought the new phone was too big and ended up collecting a range of phones at the event and testing them in my skinny jeans’ back pocket. We dubbed it the “smartphone bum test” and it planted the seed for Tech Girl. I wanted a tech site that didn’t take itself too seriously.


3. Which is your favourite social media platform at the moment, and why?

Definitely Snapchat! I’m obsessed. I rather like that I can create quick and fun stories of my adventures. Because of the 24 hour time frame you can be a bit more risqué and cheeky. It really is a sneak peek in to someone’s life minus the editing or filter you’d find on the likes of Instagram or YouTube.


4. Talk us through your average day?

It’s funny because what was my average day consisted of waking up at 4:30am, going to exercise my horse (I used to competitively show jump at open level), rushing off to my “day” job at an engineering firm and then after 5pm hitting events or scheduling Tech Girl meetings as these needed to be done “after hours”. However, as of the 1st of October my average day is going to change rather drastically. Courtesy of Tech Girl I’ve been offered what I think most bloggers would consider the dream gig. It means I’ve had to step away from my show jumping career but the blog will keep going and I’m excited to say that I’ll now be playing an active role in building bloggers in South Africa. I can’t wait.


Sam Wright Webfluential

5. What would your 10 year old self think of what you’re doing now?

I think 10 year old Sam would be horrified that I sit behind a laptop or smartphone as much as I do. I wanted to be a game ranger or horse groom (really, I would have been rather happy shovelling horse poo for a living!) so I’m not sure she’d be too happy with me.


6. How do you think the female tech fans differ from the male tech fans?

I think female tech fans are far more interested in how the tech improves their lives rather than the specs. I also think women, while serious about tech, can also see the fun side of it. I love that Tech Girl readers find the lighter side of tech with our smartphone bum tests and the wine spillage tests we’ve conducted on smartphones.


Samantha Wright

7. What’s been an unexpected highlight to come out of starting

I’ve been able to travel the world in a very short time. I’ve been to London, San Francisco, Barcelona, New York and Beijing! All for tech launches. The blog has also become a second revenue stream which was rather unexpected but, considering my gadget obsession, a definite highlight!


8. What gadget are you really excited about at the moment, and why?

The BB8 droid toy that has just been announced ahead of the new Star Wars movie coming out in December. I’m such a geek that I absolutely love a little autonomous toy that communicates with you and can learn its surroundings. However, after playing with it for a few hours I’m pretty sure I’d likely end up forgetting about it in a week or two and letting it gather dust on my desk… still the best toy and gadget we’ll see this year though.


9. What’s next?

I’ve spent just over a year building Tech Girl and courtesy of the blog have had the opportunity to come in to contact with a host of companies in the digital space. One of the struggles I’ve had is monetising the blog and I’ve knocked my head along the way. That’s why I’m extremely excited to be taking up a position at Webfluential – an online platform that specialises in putting brands in contact with relevant influencers and providing brands (and the influencers) with accurate stats regarding reach, resonance and engagement. I’m hoping I can play an active role in building this new form of marketing locally. My main goal is to ensure a few less bloggers have to bash their heads as much as I did.


Thanks Sam!

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