Are you targeting Micro-Moments over the holidays?

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As people wind down for the holidays we will see an increase in Micro-Moments online.

As people wind down for the holidays we will see an increase in Micro-Moments online.

As people relax and step away from work they will start spending more time searching the internet for things to do, something to read, videos to watch and just about anything they can find to pass the time. These moments could become your most valuable moments with consumers this year. Google calls them Micro-Moments.

Micro-Moments are short actionable mobile moments that you can target using social media content and mobile advertising.

As consumers drive search traffic volumes and social conversations based on their holiday intentions, it’s important to understand how to leverage this consumer intent. Leveraging this intent is proven to drive stronger lead conversion and better return on investment.

Google breaks intent into four categories and describes them as Micro-Moments:

1.  I want to know moments
2.  I want to do moments
3.  I want to go moments
4.  I want to buy moments

Breaking down your consumer profile by these moments will help you identify how to meet your customer where they need to be met most. As they want to hire a car, looking for new shoes, returning their christmas gift, looking to spend the gift cards, while they’re using your new product or looking for your local store.

Successfully leveraging these Micro-Moments are dependent on your ability to be quick. These are Micro-Moments and speed is imperative to making the most of them.

  1. Firstly, eliminate any unnecessary steps from your acquisition process
  2. Secondly, anticipate the needs of your customer by researching the habits of your customer and give them exactly what they want as soon as possible
  3. Lastly, sort out your page speed. Remove any unnecessary content and optimise every image, and line of code to deliver you web page as fast as possible.

The last step of leveraging Micro-Moments is to makes sure you measure the return correctly. Remember that each action online is usually the result of at least three online interactions with the brand. Using the correct attribution models in your Google analytics can make or break your ability to measure your return on investment correctly.

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