We are proud to announce that our work with SA CAN in creating the TrackBox Emergency Response App has earned us a finalist spot in the Loeries’ Digital and Interactive Communication category.

SA CAN was launched in 2003 and is a singular platform that connects South Africans to most branches of emergency service. SA CAN is dedicated to connecting the South African community to emergency services. They have handled over 100 000 calls, coordinating responses for each, so they understand that every second counts.

SA Can came to DigitLab with a need to create an app that integrated into consumers’ lives. They gave DigitLab the freedom to create something amazing – and that’s what happened.

The solution was Trackbox, a security app which connected people to emergency services and in turn gave emergency services access to their personal information in order to provide help efficiently. This cutting edge and innovative app brought to life the idea of ‘one telephone number for any emergency’. The idea of TrackBox originated from SA CAN wanting something more than just a “Panic Button” application.

Through closely working with SA CAN, DigitLab designed and launched the TrackBox application.

Understanding the consumer’s needs in a state of emergency, the app was strategically designed to activate a panic button upon opening, which allowed for instant notification when a person is in trouble.

The simply designed interface allows for a user-friendly experience, where consumers can easily report suspicious activities, add geo-located alerts and keep track of their location. The alerts and notifications are sent as RSS feeds to other community members with the app and the ‘Track Me’ functionality allows SA CAN to contact the user, ensuring their safety, should they not turn it off.

More importantly, if an emergency does arise, SA CAN stores every user’s essential personal information, which saves valuable time during an emergency and assists in providing help quickly.

The TrackBox application user network is growing at a rapid rate and its growing user database has not only helped users during emergency situations but also helped to prevent crime. The results? A safer community, with 34 missing persons cases solved, 50 ongoing cases, 68 weapons recovered, 149 identified suspects and 494 arrests made.

CEO of SA CAN, Brian Jones, worked closely with DigitLab through the creation process and emphasises the importance of working with a company that shares the same work ethic and drive that SAC AN does. View his full testimonial here.

To learn more about the SA CAN application and how it works, view our short informative video here. Downloading for both Andriod and IOS devices offers both a free and a premium option and installation is quick and easy.

DigitLab is proud to be selected as a Loeries finalist and looks forward to be representing the TrackBox application at this year’s award ceremony. We want to wish our amazing client, SA CAN, all the best and look forward to hearing the results.