Written by 9:35 am Strategy Focus

Social Media Strategies: Apply the 80/20 Rule

Written by 9:35 am Strategy Focus

Brands are chasing every single platform. Wanting to be everywhere, making sure that each platform has their voice, their content and their flavour. Organisations are chasing down the next app, the next network and the next digital trend.

I’m all about being innovative and cutting-edge but being everywhere doesn’t make you innovative. It just makes you everywhere and being everywhere can be a very expensive and resource-intensive challenge.

Twenty percent of your marketing is, most likely, contributing to eighty percent of your return. Tracking and measuring all your initiatives will help you find the twenty percent that counts. Then, you invest heavily into what matters – building an incredibly strong brand that is valued by their customers.

In essence, we are talking about finding the touch points that are valuable to customers and choosing to invest there.

Finding these touch points is a two-fold process that in practice becomes more an art than a science.

First, ask yourself how your social media presence contributes to the customer:

  • Does it make their life more convenient?
  • Does it add to their personal brand or projected persona?
  • Is it entertaining?

Then cross match that with your social media objective:

  • Are you driving leads?
  • Are you building Share of Voice?
  • Are you trying to educate people about the problem you’re solving?

When you find the intersection where a customer values your social presence and you achieve the objective you’re aiming for – you will now have a true win/win scenario that you can invest in.

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Last modified: March 5, 2020