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Social Media Strategies: Embrace the Mosh Pit

Written by 9:05 am Digital Focus, People Focus, Strategy Focus

Social Media is not a marketing channel, rather it’s a mosh pit of conversations that surround our marketing channels. If it were a channel, we would be able to control its distribution and conversation better.

We need to understand that social media is the mesh (or mess) between our channels; it affects and feels the effect of everything the brand does.

In order to adapt to the mosh pit, there are a few things that we can do in our social media teams.

Break Down Silos

Bring your social teams into the conversation about brand positioning and campaigns much earlier. Push them to get involved in the bigger strategic picture not simply the execution of ideas. Encourage them to see the big picture and how their work in the ‘mosh pit’ is bringing everything together.

Leverage data

Leverage social data to better understand the customer online. Demographic and psychographic information can speak into your key insights that drive brand decisions.

In addition, allow the social media management team to leverage data in real time. Use data to get a feel of how the mosh pit is moving, and then allowing them some autonomy to ‘move with the pit’ and build better relationships and brand love with customers.

Make Sure Social is Everywhere

Social is the mesh holding all the channels together, so make sure that you have social support around all these channels. Whether it’s TV, Radio, Events, Print or Billboards, social media presents an opportunity to further leverage your media and activation spend by extending conversations online.

Planned carefully, these social conversations can then be leveraged toward business objectives like lead generation or brand awareness.

Last modified: March 5, 2020