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How are you doing? What are you feeling?

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Emotional Intelligence

The last few days have been like nothing we have ever experienced before. We truly are in unchartered territory. Our country has been in a state of national shock since the announcement that South Africa would begin a 21-day national shutdown at midnight on Thursday 26 March 2020. Now, as we begin to hunker down the shock of #SALockdown will start to fade and the busyness of getting ready to be homebound will subside. We will move into a different rhythm of daily life and part of this is that you may start to experience and process emotions that over the last few days you have not allowed yourself to feel. Your body may already be experiencing these emotions before you consciously acknowledge them. Who of you have got tighter shoulders than normal? How about a headache that just won’t leave? Who of you are clenching your jaw? Or is your tongue stuck to the roof of your mouth? Dare I say, how many of you are experiencing digestive issues right now? These are all manifestations of the things that you a feeling.

Some of you may be feeling anxious and uncertain, others might be feeling rage and still others might be feeling resignation towards the situation. Personally, I have started to feel overwhelming sadness and grief. To be honest I cried about this for the first time yesterday. I cried for all the lives lost, for the normal that we will never go back to, for those who are going to be losing their jobs and businesses, for the physical separation from friends and family. I even cried for my lost trip to Mauritius that was meant to be happening at the end of April. All of these emotional responses are normal and my urge to you is to identify and acknowledge how you are feeling.

In order to maintain your emotional and mental wellbeing over these next 3 weeks be sure to regularly check in with your emotions. Whether you want to admit it or not, the next three weeks are going to be an emotional rollercoaster so take some time and ask yourself “What am I feeling?”  

  • Remember, the first word you come up with de describe what you are feeling may not be accurate so be sure to spend time examining how you are feeling
  • Do ask yourself “Is that what I’m really feeling?”
  • Identify your emotions without judgement. We are all going to handle things differently, and that’s OK.
  • Give yourself the time and space to actually feel what you are going through

Naming the emotions that you are feeling will help give you a pathway forward. Knowing the actual emotion will enable you to develop strategies to cope with it. Accurately identifying your emotions will help you to express and regulate them better which in turn will enable you to have healthier relationships and greater well-being. Both of which are crucial at this time while we are in close quarters with a small number of people 24/7.

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