Human Resources' New Normal

Written by 8:25 am People Focus

Human Resources’ New Normal

Written by 8:25 am People Focus

There has never been a more exciting time to be in Human Resources than right now. The Digital Economy is breaking down walls, shifting the shape of the profession and providing HR professionals with the opportunity to not only make their working lives more efficient, but it is also affording them the opportunity to improve the employee experience as well as reposition the department within an organisation. Let’s examine a few of the benefits that digital offers to the HR profession and how it is affording a win-win for all involved.

The New Normal

Human Resource departments are by no means immune to the disruption of digital. Digital, by its very nature, is disruptive. The digital offerings in the HR space are shaping Human Resource departments at an eye-watering pace with some HR practitioners raising concerns that this is a threat to their existence. Digital advancements should not be viewed as a threat or something to be feared, rather they should be viewed as an invitation to move to a new normal , an invitation to re-imagine what HR means and how it will function in the Digital Economy.  Digital transformation has positioned HR departments in a unique space where they are now responsible for transforming both the workforce and the workplace. HR can no longer play a supporting role. In this digital economy, Human Resources is positioned to be the visionary inside the organisation to lead to a wider digital transformation. Digital will not eliminate the role of HR within organisations, rather it will be the catalyst that redefines it and gives it the opportunity to make it more human.

Reducing Administrative Stress

Embracing the technological and digital developments afforded to HR professionals and making them their own, HR professionals are able to transform the status quo and create nimble and responsive HR departments that are able to meet employee’s needs. Outsourcing the repetitive process and administrative work to AI and chatbots HR is then able to streamline processes and reduce paperwork thereby transforming HR into a truly people-focused department that can pour its energy into solving people’s problems, developing potential and knowing people. Thanks to AI, bots, apps and case management HR departments are able to develop and shape an integrated employee experience.

Frictionless HR

For employees, a digitised HR experience eliminates frustration, reduces duplicate processes, allows for easy access to information and a seamless journey from recruit to onboarding to daily life within the organisation. It means that employees are able to spend more time doing what they were hired to do, rather than looking for information and jumping through laborious processes hoops. An excellent example of how a digital solution is able to streamline HR processes while eliminating employee frustrations is Cisco’s Ask Alex app. This is a voice command app that offers employees personalised information on HR questions such as leave, policies and benefits resulting in a win-win for the HR department as well as employees.

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