Exploring the compass of brave creative

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Exploring the compass of brave creative 

I have always been encouraged to be disruptive in my thinking, to take the road less travelled and to not produce work that was expected, pedestrian and too safe. As a creative team, we would sit for hours locked in a room staring at the roof as we brainstormed, waiting for that “AHA” moment, a flash a brilliance that would fall from the sky. When it finally arrived after many excruciating hours, we would explode with excitement.  

Furiously we’d start to flesh out the golden idea to see if it has “legs”. Scamps would start to populate the walls with campaign names, rough logo’s and thinking and “Hey presto!” a great campaign was born. The team, although exhausted would joke about how this brilliant concept was going to catapult our careers to the top and who out of the team was going to Cannes Awards to collect the Gold Lion. The last hurdle between us and creative superstardom was getting the client to buy into the idea.  

In certain presentations, pitching brave creative almost seems like it follows a certain formula. Step 1 client’s eyes light up as they see the idea and its potential. Step 2 slowly but surely, they start with small questions and concerns. Step 3 meeting sales targets, answering to managers and general fear starts to cloud their minds. Step 4 we all take our hats off in respect as we watch helplessly as our golden idea gets the 12 gun salute as its creative flag is lowered into the ground. There goes our Golden lion! 

I have watched this horror movie in meetings too many times and it has always been so disheartening. As we are reminded in these dark times, that at the end of the day our job is to help our clients accomplish their KPIs not just win awards. So how can we both win, how can we make brilliant creative that sells?  

Majority of our clients deal with numbers on a daily basis. They are consumed now more than ever with sales figures, projected targets and market growth. This is their world and what they are held accountable to. So how could these two polar opposites of number crunching and creative ever meet?  

Could data analysis be the secret alias in our Creative arsenal in helping our best creative see the light of day? 

I heard a brilliant quote that said, “- Creativity will always be our super power but Data is our compass”.  

Customer data-driven marketing is the bridge that links creativity and sales. Consumers are more informed now than ever and are not just taking marketers at their word on a product but rather listening more to influencers, word of mouth and doing their own research on-line. Harnessing numbers and data give us insight into understanding the needs and wants of our consumers and what creative best resonates with them. This helps brands add value to this lives of people, which is the best way to connect with people in a digital economy. Consumers want to feel that brands understand them and are looking for a more personalised experience and not a generic, “one size fits all” approach. In fact a study briefed by Marketing Dive, reported that 71% of consumers prefer personalized ads. 

All good creative is brave creative! It’s released to the world for them to view and each view is a subjective view. If we can start the creative process with strong data-driven insights that explore the campaign KPI’s – we can build creative that is built on a solid foundation rather than alot of assumptions and subjective opinions. The Data Heads and Creative Heads can live together and collaboratively create marketing that is powerful, KPI driven, engaging, beautiful and effective. 

It’s a win-win situation! 

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