Innovative Virtual Conferences

When Digitlab rebranded, humancentricity was central to our new positioning. It was the compass that guided our thoughts while we evaluated the products and services we offer and is something we whole-heartedly recommend as a philosophy. 

As our CEO, Mike Saunders, put in the Humancentric book – ‘technology needs to add value to people’s lives in order for it to survive. Put another way, every advancement needs to be addressing a human issue for it to be adopted and used, or else it may have its moment to shine and then fade away into obscurity because it hasn’t contributed anything meaningful into the lives of people that used it. 

This philosophy extends past technology and filters into all industries. Commerical platforms ultimately need to offer products and services to real life people, industry provides key services to real people and needs to interface with them – schools, hospitals, big businesses to small, every piece of society has some aspect of human engagement that it needs to think about to make its processes smoother, more user-friendly and, ultimately, more successful. 

This has prompted our virtual conference offering; viewers are tired of watching webinars and want to experience the same engaging learning platform that they’d normally get from attending a conference. But what does a humancentric virtual conference look like? 

Broadcast-level production 

Your viewers are used to a certain level of production – you have million Rand budgets to thank for that. This means that a shaky mobile phone stream, and other markers of low-cost production, probably won’t cut it and will be a distraction throughout your event. By partnering with Digitlab, we can assist with readying presentations and hosts to be up to the highest standards that your viewers are expecting. 

Multi-style Capabilities 

Everyone responds to different styles of events in different ways, which is why its safest to move between webinar sections to pre-recorded segments to live sessions to workshops. This allows for the highest chance of resonating with your audience and providing them with meaningful content to consider. Through our partnership with experts in broadcasting and conference event management, Digitlab is able to provide a complete end-to-end offering that can help you smoothly transition through the various elements you have planned. 

Networking Tools 

A key aspect of physical conferences is networking – bumping into a like-minded individual opens the doors to a host of opportunities. Just because your conference is happening in a virtual space doesn’t mean it can’t offer the opportunity for participants to meet each other and network in a meaningful way. Digitlab is able to provide one-to-one or one-to-many tools that can make networking a breeze at your event. 

App Support 

Developing a conference app that is optimised for all platforms isn’t just a cool feature, but a necessary addition to your event that can perform a number of vital functions. From offering workshop signups to reminding participants when a session is about to start, there are endless ways that an app can make participating in your virtual conference more convenient. Digitlab is able to develop applications to perform any function you desire it to. 

Promotional Products 

For a truly meaningful event, it’s important for its impact to reach long past the end of your conference. Promotional products are able to create memorable conference experiences that serve as reminders. Digitlab is able to design and deliver whatever products you have in mind. 

Event Management & Marketing 

Humancentric marketing is something of a Digitlab specialty, we’re able to highlight the benefit of your conference to your audience in a way that drives awareness and increases attendance. Through our partnerships, we’re able to ensure your event runs smoothly and support teams are well equipped to handle queries in case an attendee experiences an issue. 

We are excited to usher in a new way of conferencing. The virtual conference space has so much room for growth and we look forward to helping our clients plan, market and run successful events. Get in contact with us, and let’s get planning! 

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