Different is better, because you weren’t born to fit in. We pride ourselves in just how diverse our teams are, with a huge variety of skills and backgrounds to draw from. Just don’t ever expect things to be boring and mediocre around here.

There are key things that unify us though; we’re hard workers who do everything in our power to exceed our client’s expectations. Some call it crazy, but we’re not scared to explore an “out there” idea – everyone thinks impossible is crazy until it’s done. Digital courses through our veins; expect to be asked to fix the odd printer and router now that you’re part of a digital agency.

Importantly, we’re one of the most tightly knit teams you’ll meet in this industry, which is why we made our own hashtag to explain this phenomenon: #WorkFamily.

Working Here

We’ve been called digital experts, but that doesn’t come by accident. To master our trade, we invest in our people – allowing them to constantly learn and grow into their role here. We’re committed to putting forward excellent work, to finding new ways to solve problems and even challenge the impossible. We’re never too proud to admit when we’re not sure of the answer, but you better believe we’re going to do our homework and come back tomorrow prepared to answer. We set our own bar for excellence high because we aren’t satisfied with mediocre – when our clients use our name, we want them to proudly state that they partner with Digitlab.


Great work doesn’t stick to the traditional 8 to 5, and that’s especially true in a digital agency. We also understand that people aren’t robots, chained to their desk to get their work done. We allow our employees to utilise flexitime so they can work at their pace, in their time and put the best into what they’re doing. Need to pick up something from the post office? Sure. Got to renew your driver’s license? See you when you’re done.

We know night owls appreciate flexitime, since their most productive time is when others’ days are winding down. We use online task and time tracking software to make sure those hours count, and our projects stay on course.

Internal Comms

We banned work WhatsApp groups, and for good reason.

We love what we do here at Digitlab. A little too much, sometimes. The pressure to push the boundaries and deliver on deadlines means our teams occasionally work a few more hours than they should – mostly because we love to present work that is excellent.

But a knock-on effect from team members working late is that internal communication would need to happen around the status of the project. In short, when one team member puts in extra hours, the pinging phone would drag everyone into working late – sometimes because it’s necessary to respond, sometimes because we’re creatures of habit that don’t like leaving a notification icon unchecked.

We use Microsoft Teams for our internal communication – a decision influenced by the ability to set quiet hours, where messages will be delivered without drawing attention. The result is allowing our team to get some much-needed rest when they’re away from work.

Last modified: June 5, 2020

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