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Here at Digitlab, we love having our finger on the pulse of the latest social media analytics. We use benchmarking tools to track trends and allow our clients the opportunity to automate their reporting process.

But, for those unfamiliar with the digital industry (including business owners), it can be difficult to see the bigger picture that data can provide. In fact, we often get asked what the point of tracking social media analytics is.

Social media can be a virtual goldmine for generating leads and gaining insight into your customers’ needs and desires, but not all businesses are positioned to transform those insights into meaningful action.

Although you can quantify and analyse anything from customer sentiments to conversions on social channels, the challenge lies in separating the noise from the trends and converting them into useful knowledge. Social media reports help untangle these audience insights, allowing businesses to isolate those elements most critical for successful customer engagement.

Of course, a social media strategy isn’t an end unto itself. Carefully cultivated customer relationships, leveraged through social media, have the ability to drive conversions and hedge against customer attrition. When combined with both granular and high-level data, your business can build and scale personalised customer outreach initiatives based on the insights gain from a Social Media Performance Report. Perhaps most importantly, using social media insights properly can even provide unparalleled visibility into your customers’ future demands.

  1. Informed Content Creation: Data collected around factors such as ideal post length and most engaging themes for your business’s audience drive more efficient content creation for each social platform.
  2. Smarter Scheduling: Social Media Performance Reports provide insight into the best times and days of the week to interact with current and potential customers, as well as help your business understand which topics resonated on a given day. Understanding both when and why customers are interacting (e.g., after work hours, on weekends, around lunch time), lets you fine tune your outreach to have the maximum impact.
  3. Targeted Platform Strategy: Each social media platform is unique and demands a strategy tailored to its audience and features. Effective social interaction is more than broadcasting information at your customers, instead requiring users to build relationships through each platform’s shared culture.
  4. Brand Voice Preservation: While you want to avoid treating every platform the same, it’s also important to maintain a consistent brand tone. A Social Media Performance Report ensures your corporate personality remains consistent across all of the social media networks you utilize.
  5. Customised Social Tracking and Measurement: Every business has unique challenges and goals for their social media outreach. A social media report is tailored to address these needs, drawing from a plethora of available data to align your business’s social media strategy with your objectives.

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Last modified: March 9, 2021

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