Mobile Marketing

Now that mobile has become the main way consumers consume content, the way of the future has never been clearer – it’s mobile marketing!

Course description:

Over the past few years many businesses have been asking, “Does my business really need a mobile app?” However, today the question has changed, and it’s been the consumers that have driven the change – they’re digital natives and mobile dependent. If your business isn’t on mobile, it’s nowhere to a whole generation. Today the big question all businesses need to ask themselves is, “How does my business find success with mobile?”

This workshop assesses the current landscape of mobile marketing and presents strategies that can be applied and achieve results immediately. The main focus is to gain insight into the various mobile marketing channels including: USSD, Mobile Web, SMS Marketing, IM and Chat Marketing, Beacons and Physical Web.

Another vital aspect of mobile marketing that will be covered is Mobile Apps and the relevant strategies and expectations that make them successful.

This is a hands-on orientation, discussion and application session that will explore common industry models and tools in the context of current local and global trends.

What you will learn:

  • Mobile development options
  • Strategic approaches to mobile marketing
  • Realistic achievements of a successful mobile marketing strategy
  • How to develop your own mobile marketing strategy

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Last modified: March 8, 2020

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