KPMG Africa Digital Strategy

To engage business executives who are interested in investing in Africa with thought leadership and relevant content that aligns KPMG as a leader in the African investment arena.

The KPMG Global Africa Practice engaged Digitlab to provide a full, turnkey solution for the development and implementation of our digital strategy, on the back of the recommendation from our Global Middle Markets Group, who were already engaging Digitlab. In less than 12 months Digitlab helped take us from literally zero and massively behind our competition, to the dominant position in Africa. I don’t believe that we would have been able to accomplish the vast majority of this without the strategic relationship we have formed with Digitlab.

Anthony Thunstrom (COO KPMG Global Africa Practice)

Digitlab executed a social media and blogging strategy to develop and build thought leadership for KPMG Africa Investment.

Digitlab worked concurrently with KPMG to write, create, source and curate KPMG intellectual property and distribute it online to interested stakeholders. We also built and designed an online presence for KPMG Africa across blogs, social media and mobile apps. A mobile app strategy was implemented in order to best connect KPMG Africa with business executives around the world in an intuitive, customised and personal experience.

Through our work with KPMG Africa, KPMG emerged as a conversational thought leader with a formidable 51% Share of Voice among its main competitors.

DigitLab’s work with KPMG has been disruptive in that the auditing industry had only recently started using digital as a communications strategy. KPMG has consequently emerged as the first to come to mind when executives want information and advice about investments in Africa.

Last modified: March 8, 2020

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