99% of consumers check their emails every day – ensure it’s your email that they are opening.

Email marketing is about your customer. It’s about tailor-making and personalising your message so that you are constantly building and nurturing personal relationships with every single one of your subscribers – regardless of the size of your audience.

There’s a science to a successful email marketing strategy – from the right call-to-action buttons, to talking to the right segmented audience at the right time; we’ll help you create that perfect strategy.

Our offering to you:

  • As Certified Mailchimp Partners, we can guarantee to take your strategy to the next level
  • Design professional looking email campaigns and landing pages
  • Setting up automations so that your Mailchimp account does most of the work for you
  • Analysing real time data and stats so that we can constantly tweak campaigns
  • Cost-effective solution to reach customers where they visit every day — their inbox
  • Segmentation to ensure personalised email campaigns and automations
  • Reach the right people at the right time by sending timely campaigns

Do you want to decrease marketing costs and increase your ROI? Contact us today!

Contact us today if you want to:

  • Strengthen your relationships with existing and potential customers
  • Optimise your time and budget
  • Drive personalised, targeted messages to your audience
  • Have a complete Marketing CRM system that ensures you are everywhere your customers are
  • Increase leads, sales and overall conversions
  • Generate traffic to your site
Mailchimp Certified Partners to provide email marketing services
Last modified: April 28, 2020

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